Tibet Kailash Tour is now easily accessible with the opening of direct flight route from Xian-Ngari.

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Good News for those Taking Tibet Kailash Tour, Xian-Ngari flight route is now officially opened on Oct 29th 2017.  This is the first national air route from hub city airport to the Ali border. The newly opened air route set up in Shanxi which shortcuts the earlier stop in Lhasa. Those who are taking Tibet Kailash Tour now can access the key pilgrimage point in Tibet directly from Xian (Shanxi) It will be a regular Xian-Ali route operated by Tibet Airline with one flight per day and the flight No. is A319。

Ngari is located in the western part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, She is about 1600 kilometers from Lhasa with an average elevation of 4500 meters. The place is known for pilgrimage all over the world and one of the best attractions in Tibet.  Thanks to the new development, Tourists and Pilgrims doing the Tibet Kailash Tour now can access the destination with the direct flight from Xian-Ngari. With the new development, it greatly reduces the journey time of the passengers heading towards Ngari.


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