Tibet Nepal overland Tour; All that you can miss on a flight to Tibet

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From the snow-capped mountains to the intriguing cultures, from sacred lakes to an authentic Tibet experiences, we have beautiful Tibet Nepal overland Tour waiting for you. The closure of Tibet Nepal border (Zhangmu) due to the recent natural calamity has ofcourse impacted travelers who always wanted to take a Tibet Nepal Overland Tour. However, Thanks to the recent reopening of the Kyirong border which allows tourists from third nationalities to make it a -once- in -a –life- time Tibet Nepal Overland Tour.

Tibet is one of the key destinations for thousands of pilgrims across the globe. Every year they spend huge amount of money to make it towards Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake and other sacred places in Tibet. The revival of Tibet Nepal Overland Tour with the opening of Kyirong border has almost dropped the tour price to half due to charges on international flight ticket from Nepal to Tibet and vice versa. The distance to some of the top destinations in Tibet are also shortened to a great extend if we choose to take an overland tour from Kyirong.


Apart from the cheaper tour price, Tibet Nepal Overland Tour has lots other naturally beautiful itineraries which you can only bird eye view from a flight. Kyirong is often synonyms as “Back Garden of Mt. Everest” or “Valley of Happiness. Driving through the valley of tremendous beauty allows you to discover the gigantic Himalayan Ranges like Shishapangma, Khawa Palchen and Jo Oyu. Peikutso is an another added attraction on your way. You would miss the overland tour experience if you choose to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa or Lhasa to Kathmandu.

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