FAQ’s on Tibet Travel Permit & China-Tibet Travel Visa


Getting Tibet travel permit and China visa for Tibet tour is not that difficult if you contact an officially registered local Tibet travel agent who can help you get Tibet permit and China visa for Tibet tour. Here are some of the most useful information of how to get Tibet permit and China visa in the following. 

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Regarding Tibet entry and road permits, we have several different kinds of permits that are required to be made before you start Tibet trip.
Generally, we need to make your Tibet entry and road permits from Tibet Tourism Bureau for the normal tours, such as Everest base camp tour, Lhasa city tour, Tsetang, Gyangtse, Shigatse,and Natso tour. But for the restricted traveling areas, including Mount Kailash tour, Eastern Tibet tour or, Kham trekking and tours, we need to make four different kinds of Tibet entry and road permits from four different government departments.

For the normal Tibet tour, it will take one week to complete and it will take two weeks to complete for the restricted traveling areas mentioned above.

To get a Tibet travel permit, you always need a good local Tibetan travel agent. That’s why Tibet Shambhala Adventure is here for you and you can confidently trust us for all your Tibet trip arrangement. It is really easy for us to arrange your Tibet travel permits since we have more than 19 years of experience to organise Tibet trips. In the other hand, we are a fully registered local Tibetan owned travel agent, authorized by the China National Tourism Bureau in Beijing, and Tibet Tourism Bureau, in Lhasa, respectively.

No matter how large or small your group or even if you are just one person, Tibet Shambhala Adventure can arrange your Tibet entry and road permits without any problem. Besides, we can arrange two-months permits if you are willing to travel longer.

The related government offices work from Monday to Friday and we need to apply with all your documents for the permits in the morning and withdraw the permits in the afternoon during those working days.

There are two ways of beginning your Tibet trip. If you come to Tibet from mainland China, you need to show Tibet entry and road permits at your boarding gate. After we finish your Tibet entry and road permit, we will deliver them in the city in mainland China from which you are entering Tibet.
If you come from Nepal to Tibet, you do not need to show your Tibet permit at the airport in Nepal. You can directly board in and your Tibet entry and road permit will come with your local Tibetan guide when he comes to pick you up at the airport.

Yes, you need to make another permit, known as P.S.B permit ( aliens permit ) if you are traveling out of Lhasa after your arrival. Please bear in mind that we need your original passport and visa to issue the P.S.B permit. Without the original passport or visa, we cannot make this permit.





Almost all PRC embassies in foreign countries issue individual tourist visas for China , which can be used for Tibet also as Tibet is part of China. At Chinese embassies in most countries you are typically given a 30 or 60 days visa.
Try and apply for a 60 day visa. Visas cannot be extended in Tibet , but can be easily extended in cities such as Chengdu , Kunming etc if you have a good reason to extend it.
After you have obtained China visa, Tibet Shambhala Adventure can arrange your Tibet permit and flight tickets (or Tibet road permits) in advance and deliver them to you in the city in mainland China from which you are entering Tibet .
As per today’s regulation of P.R.C., you will not be able to obtain an ordinary individual tourist visa for China from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu unless you have proof of an air ticket to a city within mainland China such as Chengdu (that is, not to Tibet ).


If you want to travel to Tibet from Nepal , you must get a group visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu through an authorized travel agent who will go to the Chinese embassy on your behalf. These ‘group’ visas typically cannot be extended once in Tibet/ or mainland China.
N.B. If you intend to enter Tibet from Nepal you should not get a China tourist visa before you arrive in Nepal as it will be cancelled in Kathmandu by the Chinese embassy.

No matter how large or small your group or even you are one pax, Tibet Shambhala Adventure can arrange your group visa in Kathmandu through our affiliate agents there for up to 2 months duration, as well as the Tibet entry and road permits. Before, the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu works for visa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only and normally we have to apply the visa on Monday and then get the visa on Wednesday or Friday.

According to the new rules today for getting China group visa in Kathmandu is that eventhough the working days of Chinese embassy has been changed and nowadays, they work from Monday till Friday but the visa application process has been longer. Tourists must wait for three working days in Kathmandu to apply for the China visa which means if you arrive in Kathmandu on Sunday, our agent in Nepal will apply for the visa on Monday and the embassy will give the visa back on Wednesday evening only. Before it was possible to have express visa if you pay higher but with the present new rule, it is not possible to have express visa so it is the same for all the tourists that you need to leave your original passports in the embassy for three working days to get China group visa for Tibet trip. 

With the present new rule, you are not recommended to bring the passports on which you have any records of middle east countries visit such as a recent trip to middle east countries and have stamp on your passport. The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu will not grant you the visa if you have the above records on your passport. 

N.B The visa fee in Kathmandu has been increased from the year 2009 and by that time, you are able to have express visa if you pay more. The new visa fee is as below:

Visa fee for Europeans and Asians:
Normal: US$ 58 ( need 1 week time to apply)
Urgent: US$ 80 ( need 3 days time at least)
Top urgent: US$ 114 ( same day)

Visa fee for Americans:
Normal: US$ 142 ( need 1 week time to apply)
Urgent: US$ 164 ( need 3 days time at least)
Top urgent: US$ 198 ( same day)

N.B The China group visa process in Kathmandu has been changed since 2018 and there is no urgent or top urgent visa process any more. There is only way of processing China group visa which is three working days. The new visa fee is as following:

Visa fee for Europeans and Asians:
Normal visa: US$ 80 ( need 3 working days time at least)

Visa application service charge:25US$ Per Person

Visa fee for Americans:
Normal visa: US$ 164 ( need 3 working days time at least)

Visa application service charge:25US$ Per Person

At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, we organize thousands of  Tibet group tours for the travelers coming from different parts of the world. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is an officially registered under the administration of Tibet tourism Bureau for the China inbound tour license and under the administration of China National Tourism Board for the outbound tours so with our many years of experience and effort in arranging Tibet travel permit and Tibet group visa, we can guarantee your Tibet travel permit on time.

As a tourist who is planning a trip to Tibet through online, We strongly advise that it is essential for the travelers to check the so-called Tibet local agencies whether they are officially registered and have official Tibet travel agency certificate or not. This Tibet travel agent certificate was given by the Tibet Tourism Bureau in the exact company registered name and website name.

For Example, Tibet Shambhala Adventure Co. Ltd is our officially registered name and our name as Tibet Shambhala Adventure is in our certificate with the stamp of China National Tourism Board and our website name is also the same as our certificate name. So when we make the Tibet travel permit, we are working directly with Tibet Tourism Bureau and other related government office departments, in this way, we can guarantee you to get Tibet travel permit and can update you with any kinds of new information relating Tibet travel permits and Tibet group visa.

Be careful when you book a Tibet tour online because many of the websites who sell Tibet tours are not registered Tibet travel companies and most of them are based in mainland China. These websites buy the Tibet travel permit from the registered Tibet travel companies. So be aware when you make a Tibet tour booking with these type of web sites, it is hazardous and risky for you. Therefore, it is essential to ask them to provide you with the Tibet travel company certificate which is written in English. If the name of the Tibet travel agent certificate is different than the website’s name, they are surely not a registered company. In this case, you need to be very careful and think twice before you do the Tibet trip booking with them because you don’t have any guarantee if something goes wrong as those kinds of websites are not officially recognised by the Chinese government and Tibet Tourism Bureau. Just incase you send a trip deposit to them and if they are disappeared, you can not claim to the government. 

Getting Tibet group visa is for the tourists who are coming from Nepal to Tibet. If you first fly to Nepal and then plan to travel to Tibet, you must get a Tibet group visa from the Chinese embassy in Nepal. You should not obtain the China visa from the Chinese embassy in your own countries. When we mention Tibet group visa, you might get confused that you might need more than five people to join with you for Tibet tour, but actually, it is not necessary to have that many people to get Tibet group visa. You can get Tibet group visa and Tibet tour permit for a single person as well. Why it is called Tibet group visa is because it is given on an A4 paper, not on your passport.

Many tourists are confused with Tibet travel permit, and Tibet travel visa. When you travel to Tibet from any cities in mainland China, you are compulsory to obtain your China visa first from the Chinese embassies in your own countries, and it is called China visa, not Tibet travel visa. Since Tibet is also under China, the same China visa can be used for your Tibet travel. Once you get a China visa, you need to send it to your Tibet local agency to get your Tibet tour permit or Tibet travel permit. It is not called a Tibet travel visa. There is only one China visa for both mainland China and Tibet. For hassle-free travel to Tibet, secure your Tibet visa with ease. You can visit for more information about Authentic Tibet Tours & Tibet Trek. Begin your unforgettable adventure with China Tibet travel experiences offered by Tibet Shambhala Adventure.