A Sunday Session with Mr. Thomas Zwahlen from Himalaya Tours

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Tibet Shambhala Adventure had a very informative session on Sunday from Mr. Thomas Zwahlen. Having rich experiences in the field of trekking, Mr. Thomas has been trekking around Himalayas for more than two decades, exploring every corners of Himalayas. His experiences with Himalayan nomads are probably the richest. A man with multi-skills, he has been a tour guide, tour leader, and most probably the exploration of Himalaya is on his finger tips. He is also an amazing photographer, some of his collections are really stunning that you don’t want to miss going through.  He is currently running Himalaya Tours which is the top Himalayan trip selling company.  Having Partnership with Tibet Shambhala adventure. we are happy to invite him for training and interactive session. The session began at 10:00am on Sunday Morning in our office detailing about his experiences in trekking around Himalayas followed by introduction on Himalayan Tours and its programs in Tibet. The group lunch with Mr. Thomas was well organized by a river side followed by sessions on trekking dos and don’ts including subjects on first aid, Acute Mountain Sickness, and other health related issues during trekking. The session is followed by exhibiting different trekking tools from Himalaya Tour and the ways to use them during trekking i.e. convenient water filter tools, tenting techniques and medical care  etc. The one day session concluded with a get together dinner. Thank you Mr. Thomas and Himalaya Tour for the very informative session. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is looking forward for this joint venture.


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