Tibet Tour: A Retreat for Spiritual Tourists

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Planning a spiritual retreat? Consider arranging a trip to Tibet with help from a good travel agency—preferably one that is locally owned and operated by Tibetans. Only then can you be sure to make the most of a Tibet tour that is tailored to suit and support your spiritual enrichment and growth. Tibet has a good selection of destinations where you can enjoy the meditative atmosphere and calmness of breathtaking Buddhist monasteries, temples, and palaces, as well as the gorgeous Himalayan peaks and lakes.

The scenic beauty and serenity of Tibet are contributing factors to a fulfilling spiritual journey. Moreover, you are likely to discover and appreciate the local culture that promotes tolerance and peace. Start your planning by working with a Tibet tour operator that can help you pick or arrange an appropriate itinerary, customize your trip, and assist in securing your permit and visa. Only a good travel agency that is fully registered and internationally licensed can secure a Tibet travel permit for international travelers.

A spiritual Tibet tour will typically begin in Lhasa, the administrative capital. It is a city with plenty of lovely monasteries, including Jokhang temple, and the Drepung Monastery. Potala Palace is another attraction that should not be missed. It was the winter Palace of the successive of the Dalai Lama and it is currently a World Heritage Site and a museum. Just east of Lhasa is Dark Yerpa Hermitage  where you can find meditation caves and a great small temple located on the small hill with a great view of the Kyichu valley of Lhasa city.

Lhasa is also a jump-off point for trips to the Mount Kailash, a sacred mountain and pilgrimage site for Jains, Bon, Hindus, and Buddhists. In Hindu mythology, the mountain is associated with Shiva. If you are a devotee, you can walk 53 kilometers around Kailash Parikrama. Darchen is a town at the foot of the mountain where you can spend the night. Another must-see destination for spiritual Tibet tour is Namtso, a picturesque lake found between Bango County of Nagqu and Lhasa’s Damxung County.

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