Tibet Tour Package

Discover Tibet differently with Tibet Shambhala Adventure. We have the best Tibet package tour to help you designing a perfect Tibet trip itinerary to explore the roof of the world. At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you can explore more than a hundred different kinds of special ready-made Tibet tour packages from our website. And all of our Tibet trip packages are unique and authentic than the Tibet tour packages that other Tibet travel companies are proposing because all our Tibet trip packages have different sightseeing or special activities than other Tibet travel agency’s programs.

Many Tibet travel agencies organize Mount Everest base camp tour from Lhasa and back to Lhasa with 8 days Tibet tour package itinerary. So, almost all our programs of 8 days Everest base camp are the same except the 8 days Everest base camp Tibet tour. We propose a loop tour to the Everest base camp Tibet tour, going from Sakya to Everest base camp instead of going from Lhatse to Everest base camp Tibet and back to Shigatse via Lhatse directly through friendship highway forth and back. So our Everest Base Camp Tibet tour is taking a loop tour to Everest base camp via Sakya and Ting Gye county and coming back to Shigatse via Lhatse by choosing a different road. Our Everest base camp Tibet tour includes a Tibetan family visit and a visit to a Tibetan water mill to see how Tsampa is made up of which gives Tibet trip package more unique and authentic experience.

With Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you can expect any kinds of Tibet trip package inquiry as we have a dedicated and professional and expert Tibet trip consultant team who are born and grew up in Tibet. From being an excellent Tibet travel guide and gradually have been chosen to work in the office, they have excellent knowledge of preparing Tibet tour package and can answer all kinds of your questions about Tibet trip package.

At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, We are specialized in organizing Tibet trekking tours and the unique and authentic Tibet trip packages. You can find some of the best Tibet trekking tour packages on our website and we can also tailor-made any kinds of Tibet trekking tour according to your request. We have the best experienced and knowledgeable Tibetan trekking guides and the cooking team who know the best experience of the fields of all the Tibet trekking packages very well, and they make sure to have the best camping spot with the best view of the landscape from the campsite. We have the best equipment for Tibet trekking tours to make sure that you will have comfort and luxury Tibet trekking tour if you travel with Tibet Shambhala Adventure. We have the best equipment for Tibet trekking package that can make sure you have a safe Tibet trekking and Tibet trip package.

Our Tibet tour package also includes Tibet family stay tour, Tibet hiking, and walking tour, Tibet Yoga Tour, Tibet monastery stay tour, Tibet self-driving overland tour, Tibet motorbike tour, Tibet mountain bike tour, Tibet small peak climbing tour, Tibet mountain trail run and Tibet trip package plus sports.

We have had a significant outdoor activity of mountain trail run Tibet tour package in May 2018 with a big group of over 60 people from Europe. We are the first Tibet travel agency who run Mountain trail run in Tibet at the average elevation of 4500mt above sea level. Our mountain trail run is called Shambhala Tibet Roof of the world mountain trail run, and many of the participants of the Shambhala Tibet Roof of the World Mountain Trail run race are very famous in Europe who achieved championship many times. Through our most significant effort and a great work of our local professional team,  the race was very successful.

We will continue this kind of outdoor activity in the future, and next year, we are going to have a Tibet trip package plus a football game with a big European football team and a Tibetan monk football team in Lhasa city. We will be the first Tibet travel agency to organize Tibet tour package plus sports, and it will also be the first time for the European football teams to play football with a Tibetan monk team, and it is also their first time to play football at the altitude of 3650mts above sea level. This will be the world record in the football history.