News about Corona & Tibet tourism vehicle company

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According to the Tibet tourism vehicle company of Tibet Autonomous Region, it is said that Tibet Autonomous Region is going to re-open all the tourist scenic sightseeing spots from the 1st Of April 2020 including the Potala Palace and Jokang temple which have been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. Tibet tourism Vehicle Company is a Lhasa government owned Vehicle Company and it is the largest Tibet tourism vehicle company.

After the Corona Virus has been spread in mainland China and the rest of the world, Tibet Autonomous Region closed all the tourist scenic spots in Tibet to the public in order to prevent the residents from this severed disease. By doing a great action against to this very bad virus, Tibet has got a great result of preventing from the Corona Virus and there is not any Corona virus case in Tibet now after Tibet has cured only one case of mainland China’s tourist who came from Hubei province.

Tibet tourism vehicle company announced today that they are going to re-start their company’s tourist vehicle transportation from 1st April and they are going to provide the tourist vehicles to the local Tibetan travel agency any time when there is a Tibet travel tour group booking.

At the same time, the government of Tibet Autonomous region is also convincing the local residents who own restaurants and hotels to re-open slowly and do business as usual so through a great effort and hard work of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet slowly will bring the life back to normal and will be ready to receive the tourists from the all over the world.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure, as being a local officially registered Tibetan travel agency, we are pleased to inform this good news to all our partners around the world and will be updating more information about Tibet tour and Tibet travel permits.

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