Tibet travel condition during Coronavirus

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During Corona virus, Tibet travel condition is only dependent on domestic and local based tourism in Tibet. Even though in Tibet, we can move and act like normal, the Tibet travel condition is in a very poor situation that we can only receive some domestic tourists to Tibet and the number of domestic tourists have been dropped more than 50% comparing to the previous years. Besides, there is not a single foreign tourists which is allowed to travel to Tibet because of the severe situation of the Corona virus, spread in the western countries. The entire regional financial condition has become very difficult and the business of every industry except the construction site, has very much been dropped down and many people are losing their jobs.

Tibet Autonomous Region is trying it’s best to try to push forward the development of Tibet and try to create more new jobs to the people who are losing their jobs, especially to the Tibetan students who were just graduated and looking for a new job. Tibet Tourism Bureau has been trying it’s best to continue to develop domestic tourism in Tibet and trying to push the Tibetan tour companies to produce more unique and authentic Tibet tour products to the domestic tourists and local Tibetan people.

The Corona virus is a global disaster and it is something that we human beings did not expect to happen in the world of the 21st century. As 21st century is the most well-known century of the science and technology and it is also the time of the universe where people have become the richest from the point of financial side. Human beings have also become the most powerful sentient beings in the world that it is supposed to be the human beings who can kill any kinds of animals and eat them, no matter whether they are flying in the sky or moving on the earth, destroy any kinds of nature, no matter river, ocean, tree, grassland or mountain so it seems like human being is the number one in this universe and feel so proud of being the king for the last 20 years without considering the well-beings of the other sentient beings.

But it is just a huge wonder why this Covid 19 hits the entire world of the human beings very badly no matter whether the countries who are very much developed with the science and technology or the countries who are in a poor condition, the Corona virus is spreading equally to all those countries. Why the world still could not find a solution even if the Covid has been more than 11 months spreading all over and killing so many innocent people? Where do the technology and science hide?  

Does Tibet have cases of Coronavirus and how Tibet travel condition is during severe Coronavirus in mainland China?

Tibet has been extremely lucky so we have a very happy and proud answer is that Tibet does not have a single case of Corona Virus from local people. When the Coronavirus was badly spreading in mainland China, a tourist from Hubei province in mainland China traveled to Tibet in the end of January during Chinese New Year holiday. Just after he arrived in Lhasa, he had the symptom and had to admit the hospital, and finally recognized that he got Coronavirus. Suddenly, Tibet travel condition has become very different and serious that is to make sure all the tourists should leave Lhasa as soon as possible.

This single patient was treated in the Lhasa people’s number second hospital and after around 18 day’s treatment, he was cured and returned home.

During his Tibet journey on the train from Hubei province to Lhasa, there were many other local Tibetans and Chinese who live in Lhasa, traveled to Tibet with him on the same train but none of them were infected which is a surprising news and something that did not happen in other parts of the world. Usually people get infected if they traveled together with a patient of Coronavirus. After this tourist went back to mainland China, Tibet did not have a case of Coronavirus any more.

However, Tibet has been closed to all tourists for more than 2 months in order to make sure to have a safe and healthy lives to the local Tibetans during the severe Covid 19. Tibet Autonomous Region does not want to have this bad virus and effect to the life of the locals and their daily activities. After around two months, the situation in mainland China was getting better and Wuhan was also opened to the other cities of China and Tibet Autonomous Region was also slowly opened to the domestic tourists and Tibet travel condition during the severe Coronavirus was getting better. Till now there is not a single case of Coronavirus in Tibet so Tibet has become the safest travel destination in the world during the pandemic period.

Why Tibet Does not have a single case of Coronavirus?   

As I am a local Tibetan, living in Lhasa and have worked in Tibet travel business for 20 years. I have come through a difficult time of Tibet travel condition and tough business during Sars in 2004 but have never gone through such a difficult time of our business during this severe Coronavirus. However, I have witnessed that Tibet did not have a single case of both of those two virus even if we had people traveling to Tibet from other provinces of mainland China.

The other name of Tibet is called a pure land or holy land, is it because of Tibet as being a pure land or holy land so that we did not have Coronavirus or Sars? Majority people consider that the Coronavirus has transferred to human bodies from wild animals or insects. The original disease of this virus is supposed to have come from people who ate different kinds of wild animals and insects and many people believe it is the result of cause and effect which was taught in Buddhism more 2000 years back. Is it because Tibetans don’t eat wild animals or different kinds of insects so that Tibet did not have Coronavirus?

Many people in mainland China believe why Tibetans are not effected by Coronavirus is because Tibetans don’t kill wild lives, don’t eat insects, besides, Tibetans believe in Buddhism with a compassionate heart. Is it because of being compassionate to other beings?

Many people also talk about why Tibet does not have Coronavirus is because Tibet has many monasteries and lots of old and very sacred statues including the images of Buddha Shakyamuni, blessed by Buddha himself during his life time and thousands of monks praying every day so it is because of the blessings of the old temples, monasteries, sacred statues of different Buddha and holy monks who give blessings to Tibetans.

As being a local Tibetan, I believe there must have a relation to those of the above mentioned questions regarding on why Tibet does not have Coronavirus and I think probably, there might be another reason that Tibetans’ lungs are much stronger than the people who live in lower altitude places so that the Covid cannot hit and effect. How would you answer to those above questions?

How is the Tibet travel condition during Coronavirus?

We have been working mainly for foreign tourists who travel to Tibet and have served more than several million foreign tourists to assist them to travel to Tibet during those last 20 years but 2020 year, because of this bad Covid 19, we don’t have a single foreign tourist who are allowed to travel to Tibet even if Tibet does not have a single case of the Corona virus. It is because of the continuous spread of the bad Coronavirus in the western countries.

Tibet is a beautiful country and it is one of the most wanted travel destination in the world. Every year, there are millions of millions travelers, traveling to Tibet from different countries in the world and normally, by this period of the time, you can see lots of western tour groups, traveling around the Potala Palace and Jokang temple in Lhasa, trekking to the Everest basecamp and adventuring to the holy Mt Kailash but there is not a single foreign tourist that you can see because of the Covid.

Since Chinese government worked very hard to get rid of the Covid 19, Tibet travel condition is getting better and better and there are more and more domestic tourists are traveling to Tibet. As the Chinese national holiday and Mid-Autumn spring festival is coming soon, many of the hotels begin to have busy booking and picking the business up.

Is it safe to travel to Tibet during Coronavirus era?

As earlier mentioned that entire Tibet does not have a single case of Coronavirus, Tibet is of course the safest place to travel during this Coronavirus era. There are more and more domestic tourists are traveling to Tibet and since many domestic tourists cannot travel abroad, Tibet has become the hottest travel destination now.

In the future, if the worldwide travel is opened, I think Tibet is the first travel destination where people can travel safely without worrying to be infected from Coronavirus since Tibet has never had Coronavirus from the beginning of Coronavirus until now. The tourists should not worry from anything. Tourists can eat wherever they want to and they can sleep wherever they want to. Tibet is a very safe place to travel. During Coronavirus era, Tibet is the only place where you can see people walking in the street, or shopping mall, eating food in the restaurant, watching movies in the cinema hall without wearing mask.

When is Tibet travel condition better and Tibet travel business returns to normal?

As long as Covid 19 is over in the western countries, Tibet travel condition is better and slowly Tibet will pick it’s travel season. Even if Tibet does not have a single case of Coronavirus, if the situation of the Coronavirus is not getting better in the other parts of the world, Tibet cannot pick it’s travel peak season business. Tibet Tourism Bureau and all the people who work in Tibet tourism industry hope that the Coronavirus will be slowly disappeared in the end of 2020 year and can bring Tibet travel business back in around may 2021 so let’s all pray that the Covid 19 will be gone soon from our universe and everyone can travel like before without any restriction.

After Covid 19, is Tibet travel condition and Tibet travel permit process same as before?

It has been a long time that all local Tibet travel agents and the people who are working in Tibet travel industries cannot work as before and their income has dropped very much than before. Many of them are waiting to be able to return to their career so as soon as the Coronavirus is over, Tibet Tourism Bureau will immediately allow foreign tourists to travel to Tibet and will remain the same process of Tibet travel permits. The duration of obtaining Tibet travel permit will be easier and shorter than before as Tibet Autonomous Region is working very hard to shorten all the permit process including Tibet travel permit.

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