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Tibet Shambhala Adventure has more than 19 years history and experience in organizing Tibet trips. We serve thousands of travelers to Tibet from all over the world. Our Tibet travel news gives very important Tibet travel tips and Tibet travel advice  before booking a Tibet trip.You can find hundreds of unique Tibet travel tours and Tibet trekkiing tours on our site.

  • Hope COVID 19 is ending up in the roof of the world finally

    Tibet Travel: Lhasa News on Covid 19 Since it has already been 12 days after the COVID 19 has been spreading in Tibet Autonomous Region. Shigatse and Lhasa city has been completely shut down. These two are the most important destinations when the travelers travel to Tibet. Lhasa is the most and first destination of […]

  • Lhasa to Nyingtri ( Nyingchi ) rail way:

    Tibetan Train Tour from Lhasa To Nyingtri (Nyingchi) It’s a very great news to share with all the tourists around the world that the Lhasa to Nyingtri rail way has been completed. The Lhasa to Nyingtri rail way construction was started on 19th December in 2014 and the total distance of the railway is 435.48km […]

  • The latest Tibet Travel News

    Latest Tibet Travel News We here Tibet Shambhala Adventure based in Lhasa, owned by local Tibetans are tremendously happy to share the latest Tibet travel news with all our dearest guests from all over the world. As the Covid 19 in mainland China has been controlled very well and people can travel like normal and […]

  • The domestic tourism of cross-provincial (regional, municipal) in China has restarted.

    The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued the “Notice on Promoting the Expansion of Domestic Tourism Enterprises to Restart Businesses”, which pointed out that cross-provincial (regional, municipal) tour groups should be resumed. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the ministry of culture […]

  • The Jokang temple was re-opened to the tourists and local people after the Covid-19

    We could not visit Jokang temple for a pretty long time. The Jokang temple was closed for around 6 months after the Covid-19 has been spread all over the world even though Tibet does not have Corona virus at all. The Jokang temple was founded in the 7th century by the 33rd kind of Tibet […]

  • The Potala Palace is re-opened after more than four months closure

    Even though Tibet does not have any cases of Covid 19, the Potala Palace has been closed to the tourists and local pilgrims for more than 4 months in order to protect the safety of the local pilgrims and tourists Since the codvid 19 has been spread in China and the rest of the world. […]

  • Temples and monasteries around Lhasa city are re-opened

    In accordance with the spirit of the Chinese Central Government, and according to the overall arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control work of the district and municipal party committees, after the Buddhist Association of Lhasa City fully solicited the opinions and suggestions of the temples and monasteries in Tibet. it was decided that all […]

  • Visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet

    Visit Bharkor Bazzar in Lhasa Tibet, the bustling Lhasa market is one of the must visit during your Tibet tour and a very important pilgrimage circumambulation for local Tibetans. Bharkor Bazzar is located around the Jokang temple in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Tibetan pilgrims believe that Bharkor Bazzar is one of the most […]

  • 5G Network on the Everest

    On April 20, China Mobile officially launched the “5G Network on the Everest” since April this year, which made substantial progress for both China Tibet Mountaineering and Tibet Travel to Everest. As of April 19, China Mobile has completed the opening of three 5G base stations in the 5300m Everest base camp and the 5800m […]

  • News about Corona & Tibet tourism vehicle company

    According to the Tibet tourism vehicle company of Tibet Autonomous Region, it is said that Tibet Autonomous Region is going to re-open all the tourist scenic sightseeing spots from the 1st Of April 2020 including the Potala Palace and Jokang temple which have been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. Tibet tourism Vehicle Company […]

  • Travel Tibet & Visit Potala Palace

    Source: The management bureau of the Potala Palace Since the Corona Virus has spread all over the world and Tibet has got it’s single virus case confirmed in the end of January, travel Tibet & visit Potala Palace has totally been closed but luckyly after around 18 days medical treatment given to the patient by […]

  • Tibet travel & Corona Virus

    There is a good news about Tibet travel today after the Corona Virus has been spread. It has been more than twenty days since the Corona Virus been spreading all over China. Tibet was really hoping and trying it’s best not to happen this bad Corona Virus disease in Tibet but sadly, 18 days back, […]

  • Traveling to Tibet in Winter

    Tibet has another name known as land of snow or the land that is surrounded by snowcapped mountain. Lhasa is thecapital city of Tibet and it is one of the lowest altitude places in Tibet. It is a must visit place during your traveling to Tibet in winter. During the winter in Tibet, the early […]

  • Tibet Travel Permit

    At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, we organize Tibet group tour for more than three hundred Tibet groups coming from different parts of the world. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is an officially registered under the administration of Tibet tourism Bureau for our China inbound tour license and under the administration of China National Tourism Board for our outbound […]

  • Namtso lake tour in Tibet

    Because of global warming and climate changes, Tibet also had lots of rain this summer and Tibet has earlier snow fall and the weather becomes colder than usual so this year, we get earlier snow fall around Namtso lake and other northern plateau of Tibet which gives lots of work and extra services to the […]

  • The Shoton Festival in Tibet 2018

    The Shoton Festival is one of the most revered and anticipated events in Tibet that attracts the attention of thousands of tourists that plan their trip to attend this festival every year. The festival is one of the most eminent features of the Tibetan culture and is rooted deep in the traditions and history. The […]

  • Tibet has had the heaviest rain fall ever since

    Tibet had the heaviest rain fall ever since In the end of July and beginning of Aug this year, Tibet has had a very heavy rain fall and many areas did have some landslides which give inconvenience for the passengers during their holiday in Tibet. According to the older generations of the Tibetan local people, […]

  • Traveling to Tibet is not as difficult as before

    Great Tibet Travel News-Traveling to Tibet is not as difficult as before According to Tibet Daily News, the Tibet Autonomous Region officially announced that they have confirmed to build three more airports in Tibet that are; An airport in Old Tingri of Shigatse prefecture, an airport in Purang county or known as Taklakot of Ngari […]

  • 2018 latest Tibet Travel Permit Information

    How to apply Tibet travel permit in 2018? Tibet travel Permit is a single entry permit for traveling to Tibet that is required for all the foreigners to visit Tibet. In general, there are two different types of Tibet travel permits, one is Tibet travel permit to the non-restricted areas such as Lhasa, Namtso lake, […]

  • Lhasa has it’s first snow fall within one year period of time & visit Lhasa in winter is more beautiful

    Lhasa has it’s first snow fall within one year period of time & visit Lhasa in winter is more beautiful Since February 2017 till 22nd February 2018, Lhasa did not have snow fall but visit Lhasa in winter is still very beautiful because Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region and it is […]

  • Winter Tibet Tour

    According to Tibet Daily News: 2018.01.31 according to Tibet Daily News, the government of Tibet Autonomous Region is pushing forward Tibet Winter Tour and going to make a huge dedication to Tibet Winter Tibet tour from the government level and will develop winter Tibet tour. The government of Tibet Autonomous Region negotiated with Airlines, Star […]

  • Tunnel for Sichuan-Tibet Rail-way has been completed

    Tunnel for Sichuan-Tibet Rail-way has been completed According to Xinhua News Agency: The Sichuan-Tibet Rail-way’s first tunnel that runs more than 16 Kilometers along the Yarlung Tsangpo river ( Brahmaputra River ) has just been completed. Yarlung Tsangpo river is the largest and longest river in Tibet which begins it’s source from Gang Desi or […]

  • Tibet reveals record no. of air passengers in 2017

      With 4.51 Million Air Passengers in 2017, Tibet shows record no. of air passengers with increment of 11.9 percent from the previous year according to the regional civil aviation administration. A special thanks to both the domestic and international tourists bringing rapid growth for Tibet’s civil aviation industry. Currently, she has possessed 5 Airports […]

  • How to travel to Tibet with newly built highways?

    How to travel to Tibet with newly built highways? Ten years back, the road condition in most of the tourist destinations in Tibet were not very good. Example, the road to Nepal Tibet border from Lhasa was a bumpy and dusty road which takes you two full days and half to reach Nepal Tibet border […]

  • How to take train to Lhasa from mainland China or back to mainland China from Lhasa during the up-coming Chinese Spring New Year festival?

    How to take train to Lhasa from mainland China or back to mainland China from Lhasa during the up-coming Chinese Spring New Year festival? According to Tibet Business Daily 2017.12.27 Lhasa train station opens up a new timetable of the Qinghai Tibet rail way for the up-coming Chinese Spring new year local transfer below. The […]

  • How to get to Tibet from Nepal or mainland China ? By flight or train or by overland?

    Travel to Tibet: How to Get to Tibet from Nepal or Mainland China? How to get to Tibet from Nepal or mainland China ? By flight or train or by overland? There are two main ways to get to Tibet, one is the international get way to Tibet which is either fly from Kathmandu to […]

  • Five reasons why you are recommended to take Tibet Winter Tour?

    Tibet Winter Tour and Travels with Tibet Shambala Adventure Five reasons why you are recommend to take Tibet winter tour? 1) Cultivating an in-depth understanding of Tibet and Tibet’s authentic experience if you take Tibet winter tour. Entire Tibet, for Tibetans, winter is well-known for a pilgrimage tour to central Tibet and the highlight of […]

  • Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp from Lhasa

    December 12 2017, Lhasa Snow Eagle Airline successfully tested H125 Helicopter tour to Everest base camp from Lhasa. This is the first private Airline Company in Lhasa and it was established in 2016. According to the manager of Lhasa Snow Eagle Airline, they have been planning Air Travel Routes around Lhasa city which will be […]

  • Best Tibet Winter Tour

    In September 2017, at the Conference of National Tourism for Aid to Tibet put forward a plan of action called tourism aid to Tibet during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period of the Chinese government. According to the plan, 17 main big provinces in mainland China, doing aid-to Tibet have to do tourism aid to Tibet […]

  • Travel to Tibet in Winter is a  Great Choice

    Eventhough the weather is colder in winter, it s highly recommend to travel to Tibet in Winter as there are many festivals going on in Tibet during winter. Besides, Lhasa city is full of local Pilgrims, coming from different parts of Tibet including far east and north east of Tibet, known as Amdo and Kham, […]

  • Tibet Winter Tour, The Palden Lhamo Festival at glance.

      One of the key features of Tibet Winter Tour is having the season associated with lots of important Tibetan Festivals. Among them the Palden Lhamo Festival is something you shouldn’t miss on your Tibet Winter Tour. Falling on 15th day of the 10 Lunar month in the Tibetan Calendar, the Palden Lhamo festival in […]

  • Tibet Shambhala Adventure at CITM; Bringing Tibet Tourism Closer to you

    China International Travel Mart (CITM) was kicked off from Nov 17th 2017 at Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province. It was held in Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center. Representatives from China and foreign tourism industries took part in the program to discuss about the tourism development. Since its inception in 1998, CITM has […]

  • Tibet Kailash Tour is now easily accessible with the opening of direct flight route from Xian-Ngari.

    Good News for those Taking Tibet Kailash Tour, Xian-Ngari flight route is now officially opened on Oct 29th 2017.  This is the first national air route from hub city airport to the Ali border. The newly opened air route set up in Shanxi which shortcuts the earlier stop in Lhasa. Those who are taking Tibet Kailash […]

  • Annual Facelift of the Magnificient Potala Palace: Whitewashing the Palace

    Facelift of Potala Palace: The 1,300-year-old Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, started its annual facelift on Wednesday according to the Xinhua Source. Hundreds of workers and local volunteers will whitewash the exterior of the landmark for about ten days to protect the building from winter weather. The whitewash is […]

  • Kyirong border opened for foreign tourist. Tibet-Nepal overland Journey begins

    As kyirong border opened for tourist from third nationalities. a beautiful Tibet-Nepal over land Tour begins. Kyirong, Located in the south-western part of Tibet is a county of newly established Shigatse in the Tibet Autonomous Region is known for its mild climatic condition and abundant vegetation which is unusual for the Tibetan plateau. It is […]

  • Important Notice on visiting world heritage on your Tibet Travels and Tours.

    Potala Palace: Potala Palace is an important world heritage site. With an average of 5000 people visiting the world heritage on everyday basis during their Tibet Travels and Tours. Booking the entry ticket to the Palace  has undergone many changes over the years. In order to have an easy and convenient access for maximum people […]

  • Happy Monsoon-Monsoon Tibet Travel tips that you might need to take a look

    Lhasa: Thursday June 22nd 2017: Monsoon in Tibet just kicked off. Tibet experience monsoon during the month of June to August. It also happens to be the peak season for tourist flooring into Tibet.  There are essential precautions need to be aware of during your Tibet travel in the monsoon season.  Followings are the things which […]

  • Changes that need to be aware of as a Travel Agent

    Good news for all the travel agents in Tibet and Nepal and also to all the tourists coming to Tibet via Kathmandu. Necessary Changes has been made and announced in terms of business day operation associated with the application of China visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to get entry into Tibet.  Previously the […]

  • A Sunday Session with Mr. Thomas Zwahlen from Himalaya Tours

    Tibet Shambhala Adventure had a very informative session on Sunday from Mr. Thomas Zwahlen. Having rich experiences in the field of trekking, Mr. Thomas has been trekking around Himalayas for more than two decades, exploring every corners of Himalayas. His experiences with Himalayan nomads are probably the richest. A man with multi-skills, he has been a […]

  • Exhibiting Expeditions-Tibet Shambhala Adventure.

    The Tourism day in Lhasa just kicked off. With the piles of brochures, magazines, and eye catching commercials, travel agents in Lhasa are gathered to celebrate the day by Exhibiting Expeditions. Tibet Shambhala Adventure is not far from having a perfect exhibition day. The weather has been reportedly warm and sunny. People are taking their […]

  • Didn’t carry much to beat the cold around Everest? No worries!!

    One of our Mount Everest Base Camp group tour has finally made it. According to our travel guide, weather has been reportedly perfect this morning. Pictures taken this morning at the base camp precisely display how warm and lively it is around the base camp with Trekkers, Hikers, mountaineer etc. Mount Everest Base Camp tour […]

  • Visa Application Schedule and Proceedures

    According to the latest information released from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, The new regulation has been imposed to ensure smooth processing of Visa application.  Visas application center will be opened on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   Visa application received on any business day above will not be processed and issued on the same day evening […]

  • Shisha Pangma Advanced Base Camp

    Travel News on Shisha Pangma Base Camp and Shisha Pangma Advanced Base Camp Lhasa: With the Trekking and hiking in mountainous regions gaining momentum this spring. Shisha Pangma base camp would be one of the best and challenging destination for those mountaineer however according to Tibet Mountaineering Association, due to recent natural disaster in Nepal […]

  • Tibetan People’s Life, Culture & Religion

    Since there is a rapid development around the world, especially in mainland China and Tibet, the people’s lives have been dramatically changing such as way of eating, drinking, clothing, housing, love relations etc.In general, the Tibetans who live in the cities nowadays such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang etc, are practicing their daily lives the same […]

  • Seasonal Guide to Tibetan Trekking

    As thrill seeking adventures become more popular, people are turning more towards activities that are both physical and rewarding. There is something especially beautiful about traversing through lands and trails that pioneers and explorers once used. Carrying nothing but the pack on your back and your sense of adventure, trekking through Tibet allows you the […]

  • Qinghai-Tibet Railway Extends to the Shigatse, Nearest to Mt. Everest in 2014

    With the completion of track-laying, the railway from Lhasa to Shigatse is expected to be open to traffic in 2014. It means that the world’s highest railway, Qinghai Tibet railway has extended further west to Shigatse, the city nearest to Mt. Everest. We will also expand our train tour service to Shigatse and Everest Base Camp. The Lhasa-Shigatse […]