Tibet Travel Tours

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Tibet Travel Tours
Tibet travel tours are all about adrenaline-inducing high-altitude walks, serene monasteries, awe-inspiring spectacles of the highest of mountains and the friendly interaction with its very likeable people. The place is bound to fill you up with extreme fascination and will surely inspire you with its photogenic spectacles.

Tibet Trekking Tour
There are several modes of Tibet travel tours available to roam around the mountainous terrains and the monasteries. You can travel around by means of trekking through the central Tibet which occupies the upper limits of the Bharmaputra Valley. Witness the historic monasteries and temples and the most exquisite farming culture inhabited by the valley. You can choose from multiple trekking routes around the Tibetan plateau and encompassing the four traditional regions namely, Utsang, Ngari-Korsum, Amdo and Kham. The best time for trekking around Tibet is the spring and autumn season, i.e., from April to July and September to November. The skies are usually clear in these seasons and there is vividness to the breath-taking views.

Tibet Festival Tour
Tourists are also invited year around for the festivals taking place in Tibet, including Tibetan New Year, Lhasa’s Shoton Festival and Kailash’s Saga Dawa Festival. There are interesting activities being carried out in these events which are worth witnessing; for instance, there is one Festival where you could witness the Cham which is a famous monastic dance performed for the common people. Tibetan people also commemorate the birth of Buddha in their Saga Dawa Festival. In their Ongkor Festival, where farmers carry Buddhist scriptures on their shoulders while walking around their farms to celebrate their bumper harvest by the end of the summer. All of these festivals are usually happening in summer so it’s best to make a Tibet travel tours to Tibet in summer time.

Tibet Train Tour
Trains are favoured over flying to high altitude regions in Tibet because they give ample time to get acclimatized to the reduced pressure in those regions. There are also few health risks that might be faced if you travel too soon to high altitude regions. Most of the trains going to, for instance, Lhasa will pick you up for mainland China. The ample amount of time spent in the train is quite a delight in and of itself as you get the best sightseeing experience through the largest saltwater lake known Qinghai Lake; the beautiful plateaus, the humbling nomad camps, the pleasure of observing the wildlife and finally ending with the view of Potala Palace which is considered to be the World Heritage Site.

Tibet Motorbike Tour
You can also witness the spiritual awakening through the sights offered by the Tibetan landscape by going around on motorbike. You can start your adventurous journey through Kathmandu and travel up to Lhasa through Mount Everest. Mount Kailash can also be toured with motorbikes for those who are pining for some adventure in their lives.
You can pick any of the Tibet travel tours as per your specific need, you can use the train if you want the gradual acclimatization and a sense of stopping time by experiencing nature. Or you can pick more thrill and adventure by going around the region on motorbikes.

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