Tibet Trekking Tours – Explore the Grandeur of Lhasa, Tibet

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From Potala Palace to the Jokhang temple, Lhasa, the highest city in the world, is embedded in the culture, tradition, religion, and much more. On a Tibet trekking tour, explore the city of Lhasa in the best light, from the beautiful palaces and gardens to the famous ancient Bharkor Bazar or the marketplace, filled with local goodies.

When you reach the Lhasa airport and break in that air, you get transported by its beauty and a complete change of atmosphere. From the thinning of air due to its high altitude to the chill in the air because of the snow-covered valley, you get to enjoy some of the best views from any point in the city.

The Palace of Potala is something one cannot describe in writing. The golden orbs, the intricate network of buildings, and the breathtaking view of the peaks above, everything makes you feel like you have landed in heaven itself. While the climb into the palace might take your breath away, literally, the priceless possessions that the temple withholds is worth the trek.

On any Tibet Trekking tour, one of the most visited sites is a monastery. The Jokhang temple, one of the holiest temples of Buddhism is a place which is well-known for not only being old but its splendid architecture.

Again here, when you feel you have seen it all, the view of Norbulingka comes up to take your breath away, once again! Once the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, Norbulingka is significant due to the fact that this is where Dalai Lama resided last before he fled to India. The site is known for its lush green gardens and beautiful flower beds.

From the main market area to the aromatic kitchens, Lhasa presents a unique mixture of tradition and culture to make every visitor feel welcome and cherished.

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