Tibet Winter Tour – Explore the Loveliness of Snow in Tibet

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Tibet is not entirely uninhabited during the winter season, contrary to what many people may think. Major areas of Tibet are as cold as those in Canada, Europe or other parts of the world during the winters, while there are areas that resemble weather conditions resembling Arctic region. Still, winters in Tibet are colder and it is necessary to have the right clothing and gear to protect oneself while on a Tibet winter tour.

Winters in Tibet-

The majority of the south-east region or section of Tibet has mild winter, with temperatures near to 10° to 15° C. The low lying valleys are comfortable to live and inhabited while snow may fall on the mountain peaks. The North and Northwest section of Tibet is much colder with temperatures ranging from 3 to 5-degree centigrade during the daytime. At night the temperature may drop to as low as -15° Centigrade.

The Western and Central regions of the Tibetan plateau are also cold during the winter, but the weather remains favorable for tourism. The daytime temperature may range from 10 to 15-degree centigrade while the same would go to negative during the night time. There may be snow on the ground but it is not thick, heavy and dense. Therefore moving to other areas like the Nepal border is not difficult or impossible. Snow has its own charm in Tibet and enhances the beauty of the forests, mountains, lakes and other regions and cultural destinations of Tibet.

In Lhasa, January can be the coldest month. The temperature during the daytime here can be 10 to 15 degrees centigrade and -10 to -15 degrees centigrade during the night time. The sun is warm and facilitates your Tibet winter tour. Rainfall during winters is scant or very less.

The Best Tibet Winter Tour Options-

A leading tour company in Tibet like Shambhala Adventure Company can offer you different Tibet winter tours. Some of the most popular winter tours of the region include:

  • The Classical 8-day tour that explodes Lhasa, Gyantse, the Yamdrok Lake, and the Karola glacier.
  • The Mount Everest 8 day base camp tour.
  • The Nyingtri Eastern forest region tour.

Any tour of Tibet during winters, especially the Mount Everest Tibet winter tour, has the most pleasurable and memorable experiences for you. The leading services and tour operators have all the amenities including the oxygen cylinders, medical boxes, English speaking guides, among others to ensure that you have a comfortable tour.

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