Five reasons why you are recommended to take Tibet Winter Tour?

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Tibet Winter Tour and Travels with Tibet Shambala Adventure

Five reasons why you are recommend to take Tibet winter tour?

1) Cultivating an in-depth understanding of Tibet and Tibet’s authentic experience if you take Tibet winter tour.

Entire Tibet, for Tibetans, winter is well-known for a pilgrimage tour to central Tibet and the highlight of the Tibetan pilgrimage tour is in Lhasa , the ancient holy city of Tibet which has more than one thousand and three hundred years history. Tibetans all over Tibet come to Lhasa, no matter whether it is thousands of Km driving distance or hundreds of km walking distance, for them visiting the ancient holy city of Tibet and the sacred statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, enshrined inside the Jokang temple  is a once in a life time pilgrimage tour. Why Tibetans very deeply believe that the statue of the Buddha Shakyamuni, located inside the Jokang is so sacred is because the statue is believed to be built when the Lord Buddha was alive by one of his devoted students according to when Buddha was 12 years old. The Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is also believed to be blessed and given initiation by Buddha himself so Tibetans believe that the statue is very sacred and the .most revered.

Bharkor Bazzar and Jokang temple are located in the center of the old section of the Lhasa city and during winter time, there are thousands of pilgrims walking around the Jokang temple and hundreds of Tibetans are prostrating to the holy statue of Buddha Shakyamuni in front of the Jokang temple. You will see Tibetans in the Bharkor street, wearing different styles of Tibetan Chupa ( a traditional gown ) which can be recognized the different prefectures or cities where they come from. There are also quite a lot of traditional festivals are going on during winter such as Gamden Ngamchoe, the death anniversary of the Tsongkapa, the founder of the Yellow Hat School. Your tour programs during winter can be more flexible since there are very few tourists and you can spend more time inside the Potala Palace where the tourist can spend one hour time visit only during summer so you will be able to encounter with locals and get more authentic experience from your Tibet winter Tour.

2) The price of the trip is 30-40% is cheaper if you take Tibet winter tour.

All the flights from mainland China to Lhasa or Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet gives almost 50% discount on the flight ticket to Tibet and there are still many flights are flying between mainland China and Tibet such as Chengdu to Lhasa, Chengdu to Nyingtri, Beijing to Lhasa, Shanghai to lhasa, Kunming to Lhasa, Chongqing to Lhasa, Xining to Lhasa etc. Besides those of domestic flights, there are also flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Eventhough the flights between Kathmandu and Lhasa did not give any discount before, from this year, two big airline companies, Air China and Sichuan Airlines, are flying from Kathmandu to Lhasa and they are also giving 20-30% discount on the flight ticket cost. Another very big advantage if you take a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu in the winter time is that you will get an extraordinary and beautiful view of the great Himalayan Mountain range including Mount Everest where you are flying right next to it.

All the hotels in Tibet give 20-30% discount during winter and some of the big scenic spots such as Potala Palace and some other scenic sites give 20-50% discount. The most important thing is that you can spend your time inside the temples, monasteries or Palaces with very much less crowd and enjoy being with locals, traveling with locals and talking with locals will give more authentic experience and at the same time, you will  save a big amount of money if you take Tibet winter tour.

3) It’s always the best view to see the great Himalayan Mountain range if you take Tibet winter tour. Many people think that Tibet is very cold in winter and it might snow a lot. Actually, it is not a right thinking. 99% of weather forecast can guarantee that the sun shines very brightly and warmly so as long as there is a strong sunlight, Tibet’s winter, especially the city like Lhasa, Nyingtri,, Tsetang, Gyantse and Shigatse are not cold at all when you are under the strong and warm sun light.

Another important thing is that Tibet does not snow much until mid January especially in central Tibet so you can travel closer to the great Himalayan mountain ranges including Mount Everest during your Tibet winter tour. The road condition is very good and until it does not snow heavily, you can easily access to Tibet Everest base camp too. You will enjoy the most beautiful view of Mount Everest, Jo Oyu, Shisha Bangma, Lhotse, Makalu and many other Himalayan peaks. The scenery on the way is extremely beautiful under the beautiful sun shine without a single cloud. The lakes and snow mountains are more beautiful where it is always clear blue and crystal white.

4) Tibet travel permits are always easier if you take Tibet winter tour.

There are usually two different kinds of Tibet travel permits. One is non restricted Tibet travel permits and another one is restricted Tibet travel permits. In the summer time, non restricted Tibet travel permits takes 15-20 days to complete all the process where it only takes 7 to 15 days in the winter time. If there is an urgent group booking, we can also complete all the necessary permit process within 5 working days if you take Tibet winter tour.

In the summer time, restricted Tibet travel permits takes 20-25 days where it takes 10-15 days only if you take Tibet winter tour. Another good thing is that the Tibet travel permits are more flexible and we can also change or add other destinations in your permits easily if you like to change your mind after your arrival in Tibet so this makes your travel much easier, flexible and less time consuming.

5) If you take Tibet Winter Tour, you will witness more events and religious festivals such as the festival of the Buddha’s descent from heaven after his teachings to his mother in the heaven, the death anniversary of Tsongkapa, the founder of Gelukpa school, death anniversary of Jamchen Choejee, the founder of Sera monastery, many new year festivals such as Gongpo new year in October, Shigatse new year in January, Tibetan Gyalpo Losar and Chinese new year in February and the western new year as well. We celebrate all those new years so You will get to experience the diverse and distinctive nature of Tibetan people’s costumes, dialect, culture etc on geographical basis if you take Tibet winter tour.




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