Tibetan Customs

Tibetan customs page includes a lot of information about different kinds of Tibetan customs, Tibet travel information and Tibet travel guide. You can find introduction to Tibetan culture, religion, festivals, Tibetan new year and Tibetan food. It is recommended to read Tibetan customs before you travel to Tibet so that you will know how to behave with local Tibetans, you will already know what kinds of clothes you will have to wear when you visit a monastery or temple during your Tibet travel.

Tibetan customs can also give you a detailed information of what kind of good local food you can eat before you travel to Tibet. It can aslo give you a detailed information when is a good time travel to Tibet if you like to have some Tibetan festivals during your Tibet travel. Example, Tibetan new year is one of the biggest festivals in Tibet and Tibetans usually celebrate the new year for at least 15 days from the first day of the first month according to Tibetan lunar calendar. You can aslo find a detailed information of Tibtan wedding ceremoney and different Tibetan traditional clothes.

  • Take a Tibet Tour to celebrate Tibetan New Year with Tibet Shambhala Adventure

    Take a Tibet Tour to celebrate Tibetan New Year with Tibet Shambhala Adventure Taking a Tibet tour during Tibetan New Year is one of the best opportunities to witness different Tibetan culture, activities, religious ceremony, singing traditional songs and dancing including Tibetan opera which has been listed in the UNESCO Heritage of the United Nation. […]

  • Travel to Tibet in Winter is a  Great Choice

    Eventhough the weather is colder in winter, it s highly recommend to travel to Tibet in Winter as there are many festivals going on in Tibet during winter. Besides, Lhasa city is full of local Pilgrims, coming from different parts of Tibet including far east and north east of Tibet, known as Amdo and Kham, […]

  • Marriage in Tibet: the pure soul bonding and a lifelong commitment.

    Like many other cultures, the institution of marriage in Tibet has possessed its own uniqueness in terms of sacredness in bonding and commitment. Although the marriage institution has undergone series of changes throughout the centuries, the root institution has remained almost the same. We will discuss in detail about typical wedding ceremony taking place these […]

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    Those from Tibetology background and People who study cultures or being a part of the cultural exchange groups are most likely the target audience throughout the piece.  You might want to take a Tibet Cultural tour as a favorable option to make your summer vacation more meaningful.. The topography and climate condition in Tibet are […]

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    The conventional practice of pilgrimage to Lhasa can be traced back to those days where people not only from Kham (eastern Tibet) and Amdo (north eastern) but from every part of the country walking all the way to the city of Lhasa ( Central Tibet)  to pay their holy visit to Jokhang temple (Tsuk Lak […]

  • Tibetan People’s Life, Culture & Religion

    Since there is a rapid development around the world, especially in mainland China and Tibet, the people’s lives have been dramatically changing such as way of eating, drinking, clothing, housing, love relations etc.In general, the Tibetans who live in the cities nowadays such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang etc, are practicing their daily lives the same […]