A Gorgeous Trip to Tibet with Tibetan Travel Agency

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A Gorgeous trip to Tibet with Tibetan Travel Agency

Tibet is a beautiful and sacred place that is located in the Himalayas with its unique traditions, culture and a lineage of history Surrounded by sprawling big mountains. Tibet is one of the amazing destinations to hook up for your next vacation. The mountains are the haven for trekkers and trekkers from around the world reach here to try their hands on the trekking trails here. If you are also the one looking for a different holiday this time, visit your nearest Tibetan travel agency and confirm the dates of booking.

The places worth a visit in Tibet are Jokhang Temple, Tibetan Monasteries, Potala Palace, and many more. As Tibet is an autonomous region, you are required to have Tibet entry permit for entering Tibet but applying for Tibet entry permits is very simple if you choose a right Tibetan travel agency who is officially registered under the China National Tourism and Tibet Tourism Bureau . Once you confirm your trip to Tibet, you need to apply for China visa to the Chinese embassy in your own country and you can use China visa for your trip to Tibet as Tibet is an Autonomous Region within China. The China visa application may take from 3-7 working days which depend on where you are from.

When you choose the right Tibetan travel agency, it is very important to know by yourself that there are thousands of websites that tell you that they are local owned Tibetan travel agencies and they can organize tours and trips to Tibet. They can also tell you that they have been operating Tibet tours for many years so in this case, it is very important to ask them to send their official license with the stamp of Tibet Tourism Bureau or China National Tourism Bureau on their own so called agent name which means the company license name holder should be the same as the name that they are holding in their website so if the name on the company license and on their website is the same, then should you feel confident and trust to do booking with this company because this company is officially registered and you can trust them.

If the company’s name does not match the same on the website and on their company license and they may say that they are the branch of another company which is on the company license, then you need to be very careful because it is hundred percent sure that they are not officially registered and they are just a website who are selling Tibet tours on line. Once you confirm the trip with them, they might either sell your confirmed tour to another agent who is officially registered and has authorization to organize Tibet tours or they might buy the permits from another company that they are sending certificate license to you so if you book your Tibet tour with these kind of websites, it is very risky to book the trip with these kind of agents as they are not sure if they can get permits or not because they are not officially authorized so there is always chance that you might not be able to travel to Tibet in the last minute if you book your Tibet trip with just a website without an officially registered Tibetan travel agency because to travel to Tibet, you always need Tibet travel permit and to make Tibet travel permit, you need a very strong officially registered Tibetan travel agent who can deal directly with Tibet Tourism Bureau’s permit department.

Tibet is a huge plateau that you can’t finish traveling to every corner of Tibet during one time visit. You won’t finish exploring Tibet even if you do ten times trip to Tibet so it means it is very important to choose the best and most experienced local Tibetan travel agency who can provide you the most popular and beautiful Tibet tours during your first time Tibet trip. You can trip to Tibet by flight or overland to Tibet from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. You can also hook on to a railway tour, which will provide an exclusive opportunity to observe the beautiful landscape of the high Tibetan plateau and help you to acclimatized to the high altitude slowly and gradually.

You can start your Tibet journey from the city of Lhasa, which is the capital city of Tibet and one of the highlighted destinations when you travel to Tibet. Lhasa is popular to it’s rich cultural back ground which are the UNESCO World Heritage site and Drepung and Sera monasteries are the largest Tibetan monasteries. You can hike around Lhasas city and have 4-7 days trekking around Lhasa such as Ganden to Samye trekking, Langthang Dewachen to Yamdrok lake trekking, Tsurphu to Yampachen trekking etc.
The Best Time to Visit Tibet

Off late, Tibet has come up as one of the most traveled destinations in the world. As we are in the era of sustainable tourism, Tibet is also supporting the world by providing all possible amenities to the travelers. From the popular snow peaks to the warm monasteries, Tibet is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.
The best time to visit Tibet is from April to October and the best time to climb small peak and adventure trekking is in April, May, June, September and October respectively.

Visiting Tibet in winter is also very highly recommended where you will see the most beautiful land scape of the Himalayan mountain range including Mount Everest, Jo Oyu, Shisha Pangma, Lhotse, Makalu etc as the sky is always blue and the sun is shining very brightly all the time. There are more religious events and activities are going on and more local Tibetan people are around Bharkor and Jokang. You can see hundreds of Tibetans, prostrating in front of Jokang temple, paying homage to the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. You will get 50% discount from the normal peak season price of the land cost and 30-50% discount on the flight ticket cost.

During your Tibet tour, you can also catch the marvelous sights of snow panda, snow leopard, snow frog and mouse hares. These are the rare species of animals that can only exist in extreme cold temperatures and are not found everywhere in the world. Visit Tibet during their festivities to observe the colorful and vibrant celebrations. One of the best ways to travel to Tibet is that you can choose our Tibet Group Tour because you will get much cheaper price and if you book the trip two months in advance, you will get 5% discount.

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