Top Tips to Consider Before Planning a Tibet Trip

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If traveling to Tibet is in your bucket list, it’s time to make it happen now. With a vivacious choice of activities to do in Tibet and various places to visit, you can have a marvelous holiday here that will add memories for a lifetime. From mind blowing landscapes to adventure that can give you adrenal rush, spiritual vibes with Buddhism, Jainism, Hindu and Bon religions to cultural treat, Tibet trip can offer you the best of everything that you seek as a traveler.

To make your holiday safe and memorable, here are the top tips that you should consider before planning a Tibet trip:

  • Plan your trip in advance: In order to have a hassle-free holiday in Tibet, it is a must that you plan the trip in advance. Be it local travel, hotel bookings or trekking packages or cultural and local tour packages, a well-planned Tibet Trip will always give you stress-free stay.


  • Apply for the Tibet Entry Permit: If you are a non-Chinese passport holder, it is essential to have a permit if you want to go on a Tibet Trip. Also, it is necessary to book a licensed tour guide in advance.


  • May to October is the best time: You must plan your Tibet Trip in between May to October because the weather is best at this time and you can enjoy the activities to the fullest. Also, February and March are closed season in Tibet due to extreme weather conditions.


  • Tibet is on a High Altitude: Since you will be traveling and living in high altitude, so stay warm, eat good food and wear good clothes to avoid any sickness.


  • Respect the local culture: Respect the local culture and people of Tibet during your holiday. Also, you will have the best Tibet Trip, if you get along well with the local community.


By this time, you are sure as what you need to do to make your trip to Tibet a memorable one for you in the pages of your travel diary. Gear up and plan your trip today.

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