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Tibet Winter Tour | Trip to Tibet in Winter

If you choose to travel to Tibet in the winter time, you will witness to the Lhasa city where the sun shines brightly mostly, the air is clean, and the sky is blue, so that you can enjoy the gift of nature and rewrite your impression of winter. During your travel to Tibet in the winter, many traditional festivals with strong local characteristics will be staged one by one in the winter, so that you an enjoy seeing different Tibetan customs and the festivals. In addition, when visiting Tibet in winter, air tickets, hotels and vehicles are all on sale, with less congestion and more leisure.

We suggest you to travel to Tibet in the winter time and the most popular and enjoyable destinations are those of Lhasa city, known as sunny city and the cultural center and the capital city of Tibet, Tsetang, located in the southern part of Lhasa and the cradle of Tibet where you can visit the first monastery of Tibet which has more than 1200 years history, the first castle of Tibet, Gyantse and Shigatse which are the most beautiful and cultural center of the western part of Tibet near to Lhasa and Nyingtri, the eastern forest region of Tibet, located to the east of Lhasa where you can see more nature, dense forest, snow mountains, lakes and beautiful green valley.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure prepares you several different kinds of good Tibet winter tours such as Lhasa to Nyingtri overland tour, dominated by the cultural heart of the Lhasa city and the Potala Palace, the world’s heritage protection site. You will drive to Nyingtri at the distance of 420km and the scenery is extremely beautiful with typical traditional Tibetan villages, Darksum lake, located in a dense forest and high deep valley on the upper reaches of Bahe River, about 36 kilometers away from the main highway between Lhasa and Nyingtri. Tibetans believe Darksum lake as a very sacred lake and they also go clockwise circumambulation around the lake and believe they will get good merit if they do circumambulation as many as possible.

The Chinese government rated Darksum lake as a national scenic spot in 1994, and listed as a world tourist attraction (spot) by the world tourism organization later.

In August 2017, it became the first and only national 5A level scenic spot of natural scenery in Tibet. The lake is so clear that you can even see groups of fish swimming under the depth of two or three meters below and even if the lake is a much smaller than those of other sacred lakes in Tibet such as Yamdrok lake, Mansarovar lake etc, the scenery surrounding the lake and lake itself is extremely gorgeous.

There is a small island called Tashi Island which has a history of 1500 years. In the island, there is a small temple of Nyingmapa school. There is a sacred cave of Guru Rinpoche, known as Padmasavawa who came to Tibet in 8th century during the 38th king of Tibet called Trisong Detsen. Tibetans believe turning the island in a clockwise direction can achieve great merit and you can also see the footprints left by Guru Rinpoche ‘ s horses and the traces left by his sword on the stones around Darksum lake. To have more information, please visit Tibet Shambhala Adventure Lhasa Nyingtri Tour

Travel to Tibet in the winter time is another advantage is that you can travel to those of the most popular tourists attractions such as Tsetang, the cradle of Tibet.which is located o the southern part of Lhasa at the distance of 160k. Why Tibetans call Tsetang as the cradle of Tibet is because prior to the 7th century, Tsetang was the capital city of Tibet and it was the place where the origins of Tibetans, the first king of Tibet, the first castle of Tibet, the first religion of Tibet, the first monastery of Tibet, the first monks of Tibet etc etc, have been appeared in Tsetang that’s why it has to be called as the cradle of Tibet and very important cultural and historical place of Tibet before 7th century. In 7th century, the Tibetan King Songtsan Gampo, moved his capital city from Tsetang to Lhasa and since then Lhasa has become the most important cultural part of Tibet. To get more detailed information about Tibet Winter Tour, Please visit Tibet Shambhala Adventure



If you travel to Tsetang during the summer time, there will be full of tourists but if you choose traveling to Tsetang in the winter time, there are very few tourists but there are many more pilgrims who come from different regions of Tibet so you can get more authentic experience by traveling with local Tibetan people instead of mass tourists.

During your travel to Tibet in the winter, if you choose your next destination to Gyantse and Shigatse, it is also the same benefit that there are very few tourists and many more local Tibetan pilgrims inside the Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa in Gyantse. Inside Tashi Lhunpo monastery, you can travel with full of Tibetan pilgrims who come from far eastern part of Tibet, known as Amdo in Tibetan. Amdo is the birth place of the Dalai Lama and Penchen lamas so many Tibetans from Amdo take pilgrimage tour in the winter time to Tashi Lhunpo monastery since Tashi Lhunpo monastery is the seat of the Penchen Lama and it is more sacred to those Amdo people. At the same time, the road condition is still good during winter time because between Lhasa and Gyantse or Shigatse, the road is always opened even in winter since we don’t have heavy snow in those three places. All the hotels and scenic spots are not busy and prices are also much cheaper.

Another very important thing is that if you choose travel to Tibet in winter, Tibet Tourism Bureau is helping the local Tibetan travel agents to shorten the Tibet travel permit process and you can book a last minute Tibet trip as well. We can finish all your Tibet travel permits within a week or if it is necessary, we can also finish all your necessary Tibet travel permits within three working days as well so we welcome you to travel to Tibet in the winter time and To have more information about Tibet winter tour, we recommend you to visit our site at Tibet Shambhala Adventure

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