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Are you planning a trip to Tibet? Tibet is a fascinating place that attracts tons of visitors each year. In order to visit this tremendous region, travelers must work with a travel company from their home country, China or Tibet. Travelers also require a passport and Tibet Entry Permit, which your travel agency should help arrange for you.

To get the most of your trip to Tibet, you should choose Tibet Shambhala Adventure as your travel agency. As a Tibetan-owned and operated company, we provide travelers with the most authentic Tibet experience and offer a variety of great tours that can be customized to suit your unique needs and preferences. Read on to learn the perks of planning your trip to Tibet with Tibet Shambhala Adventure.

See Tibet from a Local’s Perspective

One of the best parts of traveling to a new place is immersing yourself in the local culture. As a Tibetan-owned and operated travel company, we know everything there is to know about Tibet and can provide you with the most authentic experience. The entire Tibet Shambhala Adventure team, including the guides, drivers, cooks, and office workers are Tibetan. When you travel with us, you can learn and see things that you wouldn’t be able to experience if you worked with a non-Tibetan company. With us, you can enjoy all those must-see tourist attractions, as well as those places that are equally as amazing but less popular.

Plan the Ultimate Trip to Tibet

At Tibet Shambhala Adventure, we offer a wide selection of ready-made tours to help you experience all that Tibet has to offer. While you can choose one of these tours, we are very flexible and can cater the tour to suit your specific requests. Whether you’re interested in touring the famous Tibetan monasteries or trekking to Mount Everest, we’ve got you covered! View our Tibet tours here.

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