Traveling to Mt Kailash

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Traveling to Mt Kailash is an extraordinary experience that every person likes to try. It reveals a whole new and exciting world out there, opens out your inner strength and presents with an unforgettable adventures once in a life time. Traveling to Mt Kailash is something that many people like to do once in a life time.

As we know there are different ways of traveling in the world, some take their travel as a relaxing family holiday, some takes an adventure holiday while many of the others take pilgrimage tours. Tibet is one of the most famous destinations for both adventure holidays and pilgrimage tours. There are many spiritual sites that you can visit in Tibet and traveling to Mt Kailash is one of the most popular destinations for the people to have a mixture feeling of Adventure holiday and spiritual journey.

Mount Kailash is one of the most sacred spot on earth and it is a very holy pilgrimages site for the people of the Buddhists, Hindu, Bon Religion and Jain. And it is also known as precious jewel of snow. Mt Kailash is located in far western Tibet called Ngari prefecture, more than 1200 km from the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa. it is not particularly high as far as peaks in the Himalaya go as it only rises to 6714 meters 22027 feet but there is no other peaks in Tibet that is as holy as kailash. Traveling to Mt Kailash is not only a Tibet adventure tour but also a great pilgrimage tour.

Each year, thousands of Buddhists, Hindus, Bon and Jains are traveling to Mt Kailash, starting their spiritual and adventure holiday from Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet or from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and then driving towards Nepal Tibet border, called Kyitong. Kyirong is also a very sacred place for Buddhist as it is the birth place of Mila Repa Yogi who is believed to get enlightenment in a life time.

All the tourists are recommended to drive slowly for traveling to Mt Kailash by acclimatizing to the high altitude, visiting Lhasa city and going through Yamdrok lake, Gyantse and Shigatse. After around 4-5 days acclimatization and enjoying the most beautiful landscape of western Tibetan plateau, you will finally reach Mansarovar lake and Mt Kailash.

 When you first see the lake Mansarovar and Mt Kailash, you are full of emotion with delight and excited. When you see the Mansarovar lake and Mt Kailash at first sight, you can not believe how blue and clean the lake water is, how beautiful and big the lake is.

The Mt Kailash is standing right in front of you, shining like a white crystal, the shape of Mt Kailash is a like a cake offering or an compassionate heart, showing to all the visitors. As scientists say that Mt Kailash is located in the center of the universe. People are given too much energy by the blessing of Mt Kailash when you are near it even if it is located at a very high altitude. Everybody is not afraid of the high altitude and full of energy to do the 52 km pilgrimage circuit around Mt Kailash, known as Mt Kailash Kora and they believe in different ways such as Buddhist believes Mt Kailash as the sacred seat of Samvara or Demchok in Tibetan which is one of the most important figures in Kalachakara or the wheel of life. Hindus believe Mt Kailash as the sacred seat of Shiva which is one of the most important figure in Hindu religion where the other two religions also believe in a similar way.

There are thousands of Indians who are Hindus followers, traveling to Mt Kailash every year, coming from Nepal for the purpose of only spiritual journey. Hindus believe Mt. Kailash to be the abode of lord Shiva. According to the legend, immortal Shiva lives at the top of Kailash where he spends his time practicing yogic austerities making joyous love with his divine consort Parvati and smoking ganja the sacred herb known in the west as marijuana. Hindus do not interpret Shiv’s behaviors as contradictory however but rather see in him a deity who has wisely integrated the extreme of human nature and thus transcended attachments to any particular and limited way of being. For Hindus, to make the arduous pilgrimage to Kailash and have the Darshan-divine view of Shiva’s abode is to attain release from the clutches of ignorance and delusion.

Pilgrims to Kailash after the difficult journey getting there are then confronted with the equally difficult task of rotating the sacred peak. For those of the pilgrims, traveling to Mt Kailash once in a life time is something that is the most important thing in their life and believe that they achieve a great blessing from their Mt Kailash pilgrimage tour.

The Buddhist, Hindus and Jains  followers walk around Mt Kailash as counterclockwise while the Bon followers walk around Mt Kailash as anti-clockwise. The local Tibetans can walk around Mt Kailash within a day where they start early in the morning from Dharchen and finish the Kora in the late evening but for those of the pilgrims who come from foreign countries, they take around 3 days to complete a Kora or known a Parikrama.

Some of the Indians Yogi do Mt Kailash full Kora on bare foot and they can finish the Kora within a day like other local Tibetans. Many of the Tibetans, no matter whether they are Buddhist or Bon follower, they do full body prostrations throughout the way. It is believed that a Pilgrim who completes 108 journeys, known as Kora around Mt Kailash is believed that they are assured to get enlightenment. Most Pilgrims to Kailash will also take a short plunge in the nearby highly sacred and very cold lake Mansarovar.

The word Mansarovar means mind or consciousness in Sanskrit and the lake is believed to be a mental creation of their own Gods in different way of belief by different religions. Visiting Mansarovar lake during Kailash tour is one of the most important activity and most of the tourists go to Chiu Gompa, located to the west shore of the Mansarovar lake from which you can also get a great view of Mt Kailash and Gurla Mandata, a snow mountain over 7000m.

Traveling Mt Kailash, a great sacred mountain of the world and this magical lake is a life changing experience and an opportunity to view some of the most magical scenery on the entire planet.

Mt Kailash is not only visited by the spiritual people, but also many tourists from all the over the world. Traveling to Mt Kailash is one of the most beautiful things in once life and according to many tourists or pilgrims to Mt Kailash, they get lots of mystical things or many interesting things in their life after they visit Mt Kailash.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to visit Mt Kailash and everybody finds walking around Mt Kailash, known as Kora is a challenging and difficult one but at the same time they find walking around Mt Kailash is once in a life time spiritual and adventure journey. Here is our Mt Kailash small group tour.

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