Trekking to Jo Oyu Base Camp.

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Jo Oyu Snow mountain, at the elevation of 8135mts above sea level, located in the western Tibet near old Tingri bordered to Nepal and Tibet and it is one of the most popular Himalayan mountain ranges to many world famous mountaineers who have been climbing. 

Jo Oyu is considered as one of the seven highest snow mountains in the world and it is the second most popular peaks in the Tibetan high plateau.

Trekking from old Tingri to Jo Oyu Base camp is one of the most beautiful adventure trekking in Tibet . Enjoy the most beautiful sun set view of Mt Jo Oyo and the Nangpa la Pass.

Jo Oyu Base Camp is the camp where mountain climbers to spend their beginning of the hiking days to acclimatize to the high altitude of the Tibetan high plateau before they climb the peak. The elevation of Jo Oyu Base camp is around 4750mts above sea level. When you walk from Old Dingri to Jo Oyu Base Camp, you will get the most beautiful view of Mount Everest and Jo Oyu snow mountain right in front of you.

Jo Oyu Base Camp was the traditional Tibetan business people’s base camp where many herds man and Tibetan business people used to camp nearby in the olden days when they loaded their Yak and horses and went to do trade with Nepalese by crossing Nangpa la pass.


From Jo Oyu Base Camp, you will have a spectacular view of Jo Oyu snow mountain and Nangpa la pass. Nangpa la pass was a very famous trading trail between Nepalese and Tibetans where they exchanged their goods in the olden days. 

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