When is the best time to do trekking Tibet tour?

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Trekking Tibet tour is divided up into two: the central and eastern. Central Tibet has a mild weather from April to November so it is naturally the best time of the year to travel there for trekking. Starting December, however, the temperature drops below freezing and this weather lasts till March. Tibet Shambhala Adventure provides enjoyable trekking routes which span the whole of seventeen days! Following is the list of trekking routes we are offering:
1. Kangshung valley trekking
2. Gyawokang trekking
3. Ganden to Samye monastery trekking
4. Tshurphu to Yampachen trekking
5. A day’s hiking around Lhasa
6. A day’s hike from Pabongka temple to Sera Wutse and then to Sera monastery
7. A day’s hike to a Tibetan nomad camp
8. Mount Kailash Adventure Tour

Eastern Tibet, on the other hand, refers to the two prefectures of Nyingtri and Chamdo in Tibet Autonomous Region. Only the Nyingtri area is open for the foreign tourists and it can be visited anytime in the year as the weather is mild and the altitude is lower. However, the most suitable time is from late March to early November. It would be best to visit in spring and autumn which means from March to May and from September to October. Following is our list of trekking routes for this region:
7 Days trekking Tibet tour in Darksum Lake

The far eastern Tibet, is known as Kham and Amdo which refers to Derge, Kardze as the central Kham in Sichuan province nowadays and Labrang, Rebkong as central Amdo which are in Gansu and Qinghai province. Following is our list of trekking Tibet tour in Kham and Amdo
1. 7 days Yilhun Lhatso to Derge
2. Amny machen trek
3. Nyenpo Yurtse trekking in the Amdo region

Tibet Shambhala Adventure, is the best choice for you to take on those splendid trekking tours in Tibet as we have a wholesome experience of eighteen years! We are equipped professionally and experimentally to give you the best time of your life with our carefully structured trekking routes. We make it our paramount priority to ensure the comfort of our tourists by cooking meals for them at such a high altitude, by providing them with ample shelter when they need rest and by ensuring good camping equipment. For instance, most travel agencies only provide tents designed for two persons but we make sure we arrange for three person so that two of our clients could be have a good and comfortable resting period in there.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure, has a whole meal routine planned out for our tourists starting from morning tea and western breakfast with omelet, bread, and eggs in different styles. We make sure you are provided with hot meals round the clock. After the breakfast at 11 AM, we then provide you with snacks or coffee while you are walking. Our cooking staff will then prepare lunch for you and serve hot fresh lunch to you around 1:30 PM at the average altitude of 4500mt during your trekking Tibet tour. When you get back from trekking around 5-6 PM, you will then be served with tea or coffee with snack like cheese, dried and fresh fruit and biscuits. Dinner will be served around 7:00 PM as prepared by our extreme deluxe cooking service. Preparing hot meals is a feat which can only be achieved by Tibet Shambhala Adventure at such a high altitude!

Throughout the trekking, as we make sure of the tourists’ comfort, we have a team that takes care for their safety as well. We make sure that we have all the necessary equipment for any emergency that might take place during the trekking; from first aid kits to oxygen and the whole medical equipment box. Suffice it to say that we provide the best trekking Tibet tour program that ensures an impeccable acclimatization in the trekking regions. And we also uphold environmentally sustainable tourism by adhering to the international standards of environmental protection (defined in detail in our previous blog).

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