Two days trip to Nang county

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Two days trip to Nang county, known as Langxian in Chinese . It is the time to take two days trip to Nang county (langxian ) from Lhasa after the train between Lhasa and Nyingtri has been operated since 1st July 2021. It is a great news to share with all our friends around the world that around more than 400km distance of Sichuan Tibet highway train has already been finished and for the tourists from around the world will have more choices of their traveling schedule in Tibet. In around 5-6 years, the train between Lhasa and Chengdu will be completed and the traveling time from Chengdu to Lhasa is around 13 hours so it will make very easy to travel to Lhasa by then.

Prior to the train between Lhasa and Nyingtri, the only option to travel to Nang county is that either you take a car from Lhasa to Nyingtri and then a loop tour to Nang county or driving from Nyingtri to Nang county but now it is much easier than before and it will only take around 2 hours train ride from Lhasa to Nang county and the scenery from the train is very beautiful.

The train station of Nang county is only around 1Km distance from the county seat and the road condition is very good. The elevation of the Nang county seat is around 3200mts above sea level which is much lower than Lhasa. Since the county seat is located at the bank of Bramaputra river and surrounded by many forest, glaciers, lakes and grasslands so there is full of oxygen in the county seat.

In the olden days, Nang county was one of the most important and sacred place for Tibetans as the great thirteenth Dalai Lama was born in Nang county. The family of the thirteenth Dalai Lama was called Tahkpo Langdun which is located to southwest of the present county seat at the distance of around 25km. The road condition is very good and after around half an hour drive along the Bramaputra river, you will reach the birth place of the thirteenth the Dalai Lama.

The place where the thirteenth Dalai Lama was born is called Trungkang in Tibetan which means, the birth home of the 13th Dalai Lama or Trungkang Manor. Nowadays, you can still see the main building of the Trungkang manor such as the reception rooms, family chapels, assembly halls, store rooms, kitchens, guest rooms etc. There are also many relics inside the Trungkang manor that has more than hundred years of history.

Near by the Trungkang manor, there are several huge wall nut trees and most of them have more than a thousand years history. Among them, one of the walnut tree has more than 2000 years history and in 2012, this walnut tree used to have 2000Kg of walnut which is a record in the history.

The place where the Trungkang manor is extremely beautiful as it is surrounded by a beautiful village, located nearby the Bramaputra river, it is full of beautiful walnut tree and the mountain. The Trungkang manor is said to be located on an elephant trunk like a mountain. The people in the villages are very friendly and there is one old man who is 78 years old this year. He is a relative to the thirteenth Dalai Lama and he used to save all the antiques during the cultural revolution and offered them to the manor for free which we can see in the manor today.

Take lunch in the Trungkang manor and then drive back to the Nang county seat. On the way, you will be visiting Parhoede monastery, located in Dolpa village of Nang town and Being on an elephant-trunk-like mountain on the north bank of the Brahmaputra river and it is the largest monastery in Nyingtri region.

From Nang county seat, you will drive to Bobo Nang glacier at the distance of 51km. You will drive around 35km from Nang county towards Miling county and then drive in the narrow and dense forest gorge at the distance of 16km. Eventhough the road condition is not good, the scenery is extremely beautiful. You will be driving through the primeval forest and beautiful water full, later a beautiful landscape of the pasture land surrounded by Yak and nomads. After around one hour drive, you will finally reach Bobo Nang glacier which is extremely beautiful and besides, the water fall of the glacier and the small lake in front of the glacier is tremendously beautiful. Eventhough the base camp of the glacier is above 4600mts but your body works and feel better than you are in the high altitude of over 3000mts as it is full of oxygen nearby the glacier. The group must be very happy to see the glacier and the water fall. You can do around half an hour trek from the car parking to the waterfall of the glacier and if you had more time, you can even hike on the rocky hill near by the water fall in order to step on the ice of the glacier which might take an hour to hike up but it will be a challenging and interesting hike. Continue your two days trip to Nang county and drive back to Nang county after the glacier.

The next day after the breakfast, you can continue the two days trip to Nang county and drive from Nang county to Renpuk holy water and Takpo Sherig snow mountain which is at the distance of around 90km distance. You will drive from Nang county towards Miling county at the distance of around 55km until you reach Jindong township and from Jindong township, you will take the national 219 highway. From there, you will drive around 14km until you leave the 219 National highway. From the junction to the Renpuk holy water is 41km distance. On the way, you will see some beautiful Tibetan villages and most of those villages live on little bit of farming, Nomading and depending on herbal medicine that they can sell.

The Renpuk holy water comes from the glacier of Takpo Sherig snow mountain and the local people told us that on 15th of the fifth Lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, the water becomes into milk color and it is very sweat and soft if you drink so the local people consider it as a very holy water. There is a small beautiful lake that also comes from the glacier of the Takpo Sherig snow mountain. When the weather is nice, the scenery is extremely beautiful.

After visiting Takpo Sherig snow mountain and Renpuk holy water, you will be driving back to Nang county.

If you had time enough, you can continue two days trip to Nang county and drive to Gagong gorge which is at the distance of around 35km from Nang county. The gorge is very beautiful with it’s primeval forest, beautiful pasture land, nomad camp, snow mountains and gorges waterfall. You can spend around half day in Gagong gorge and enjoy your day in the beautiful nature.

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