Lhasa has it’s first snow fall within one year period of time & visit Lhasa in winter is more beautiful

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Lhasa has it’s first snow fall within one year period of time & visit Lhasa in winter is more beautiful
Since February 2017 till 22nd February 2018, Lhasa did not have snow fall but visit Lhasa in winter is still very beautiful because Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region and it is the center of Tibetan culture, religion, politics and trading center. Lhasa is also the place where all the tourists can not miss visiting if they travel to Tibet since Lhasa has the Potala Palace which is the seat of the successive of the Dalai Lama and the Potala Palace has been recorded as the UNESCO world heritage site.

Jokang temple, the oldest and most sacred temple of Tibetan people, built in the 7th century and it has been enshrined to the most sacred statue of Buddha Shakyamuni which has been built according to 12 years old Buddha. The statue itself has been blessed by the Buddha himself and it has been brought to Tibet during the Tang dynasty by the princess Wengcheng.

Lhasa is also called a sunny city which means eventhough it is cold in Lhasa in the early morning and late evening, it is warmer in the day time as Lhasa is also called a sunny city which means the sun is shinning very brightly in Lhasa all the time in winter.

As the global weather is changing, Tibet is having less and less snow, especially in Lhasa. We have a pretty dried winter 2017 eventhough it is very sunny. All the residents of Lhasa city has been dreaming and waiting for a snow fall for a year and finally, yesterday night, we had beautiful snow and again visit Lhasa in winter with snow fall makes more beautiful.

This morning, walking around the Potala Palace was extremely beautiful as you can feel the fresh air and the scenery around the Potala Palace is tremendously beautiful with snow covered hills, mountains and Lukang park forest.

If you hike to the hill, located to the south side of Lhasa river, you will have a full view of Lhasa city including the Potala Palace. All the mountains around Lhasa has been beautiful covered by snow and the Potala Palace is standing still in the middle of the snow covered Lhasa city which makes another extremely different beautiful winter tour view for the tourists. If you visit Lhasa in the winter time, especially during Tibetan new year which is usually in around February of the western calendar, you will see beautiful snow covered Lhasa city with lots of Tibetan traditional festivals and events going on. To get more details about visit Lhasa in winter, please go to Lhasa sightseeing Tour

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