Visit Namtso lake differently: A detailed Namtso lake Kora tour program

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A detailed Namtso lake Kora Tibet tours program

I recently take a time off and went for a rekey to visit Namtso lake to search a good round Namtso lake Kora tour program. The Namtso lake round Kora has 366Km in total and we can finish it within one day if we drove from Damxiong county early in the morning or you could also do it within two day by driving slowly and have a beautiful camp along the lake site or nearby a nomad camp.

It is an extremely beautiful place for going around Namtso, We will see some nomad camps with their herds, flock of Yak and sheep, beautiful grassland, lots of beautiful snowcapped mountain around lake Namtso which are the mountain ranges of Nyenchen Thangla. The average elevation of the campsite is around 4500m.

If you wanted to finish a round Kora around Namstso lake, then there is no chance to make a campsite at the lake site. You would drive along the lake, visit some nomad camps, enjoy seeing a beautiful view of Nyenchen Thangla snow mountain, beautiful and different view of Namtso lake from other sites of the lake.

If you would like to visit Namtso lake differently, then you can drive slowly, you could make a camp in between and could also explore some of the beautiful snow mountains by doing a couple of hours trekking which is also very interesting.

According to my recky tour, I have made a beautiful programs of round Namtso lake Kora below. Hope this will be useful.

DETAIELD ITINERARY of how to visit Namtso lake differently:

Day 1 of Visit Namtso lake differently:

Tashido hermitage-Gorchung monastery, 4560m/76km, walk 4 hours and half. Camp

After breakfast, start your Namtso lake tour by van from Damxiong county and visit Namtso lake differently. You will drive on a paved road until Tashido and then take a dirt road form Tashido for around 300km distance. The road condition is ok and you will be driving along the south side of Namtso lake at the distance of 71 Km total to reach Gorchung monastery. The total duration of driving will be around two hours and half.

Enjoying a fantastic view of the whole Namtso lake from the south shore and a great closer view of Nyenchen Thangla mountain range.

You will be camping at Gorchung monastery which is almost to the base camp of Gurchen snow peak at the elevation of over 6000m. There is also a big nomad camp nearby the monastery. You can visit a nomad family and experience how the Tibetan nomads’ living standard is.

While you will be visiting a small Gorchung monastery and listen to the monks life story there if the monks did not go to the town to read scripture for the nomads.

In the mean time, our cooking team will prepare and ready your lunch. Have lunch and afternoon, you will trek to the base of Gurchen snow peak, takes you around 2 hours up, take a rest at a glacier lake,  enjoying a fantastic view of Gurchen snow peak and the lake.

Continue your trek around a beautiful mountain called Amitsegu clockwise, crossing a small pass and then come down the valley to the campsite for around 2 hours. You will have a tremendously beautiful view of whole Namtso lake and Nyenchen Thangla mountain range from the top of the Amitsegu small pass.

Day 2 of visit Namtso lake differently:

Gorchung monastery-Dokya Gompa-`Rarila (5640m)-Jado Gompa or Langchen Namgo-before village Number five, 4570m/140km. Camp

After breakfast, you will start your journey around the Namtso lake, drive along a spacious grassland or plateau, seeing a beautiful green plateau with snow capped mountain in a long distant mountain view from the northern Tibetan plateau.

After around two hours drive in a vast plateau, you will reach Dokya Gompa which is a small monastery located to the east shore of the lake. From the monastery view point, if the weather is clear, you will see a very clear view of Gorchung snow peak as well some beautiful Nyenchen Thangla mountain ranges.

Continue your journey of visit Namtso lake differently and cross Rirala pass which is just a very small pass of over 5640m, driving through several nomad camps and villages, reaching Jado Gompa or Langchen Namgo ( Elephant head ). You will drive to Langchen Namgo from the main dirt road at the distance of 500m, enjoy a great view of whole Namtso lake and some beautiful rocky hills along the lake shore.

From Langchen Namgo to our campsite is only around 15Km which will take you half an hour drive.

You will arrive at our campsite by around 3.Pm, have some snack and tea and then walk along the lake shore for around 2 hours. From our campsite, you will have the most beautiful view of the lake Namtso with a full landscape view of Nyechen Thangla mountain range.

Day 3 of visit Namtso lake differently:

Village No five-Damshung-Lhasa or Reting monastery, 4150m/258km. Camp

After breakfast, enjoy the most beautiful morning from the north side of Namtso lake shore. The other side of the lake is full of snow capped mountain, looks like a white scarf blowing around the lake Namtso. It is extremely a beautiful morning.

Start your journey of visit Namtso lake differently and pass by a couple of Tibetan nomad villages, after 36Km of bumpy road, you will reach a junction where the road goes to the south east to Damshung at the distance of 82Km and to the north west at the distance of 118Km to Bang Ga county. We will drive along a narrow paved road for 56Km to reach Namtso Xiang or the foot of Lagenla pass, then join the main road between Namtso lake and Damshung.

Take lunch in Damshung and then continue your journey to Namtso lake or Reting monastery.

If you have around two weeks time of Tibet trekking, we highly recommend to do Tsurphu Yampachen trekking with Namtso lake round Kora trek so that your Tibet trekking program will be very beautiful and unique.

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