When Should You Be Visiting Mount Kailash?

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Mount kailash is absolutely one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and visiting Mount Kailash is once in a life time journey. It forms part of Trans Himalaya that is present in the western part of Tibet region in China. The reason why there is so much awe surrounding the mountain range because it has a line of interesting mythology and history behind it.

According to Hinduism Shiva, the believed founder of Yoga, sat in meditation with his wife parvati in the summit of the mountain named Kailasa. One description in the Vishnu Purana of the mountain range states that its four faces are made up of ruby, crystal, lapis lazuli and gold. It is located in the heart of the mountain ranges and symbolize the lotus. From the point of Indian Pilgrims, visiting Mount Kailash is a must once in their life time and they believe that all their bad sin will be cleared after their visit to Mount Kailash and taking a holy bath in the lake Mansarovar.

According to Jainism the other name for Kailash is Mount Meru. The Jains believe that the mountain next to Mount Kailaash is where the first Jain received liberation (moksha). Bon religion considers Mount Kailash as the seat of their Lord Buddha Shenrap that they believe their Lord came from heaven to the top of the Mount Kailash and give teachings from there.
According to Buddhism, the Mount Kailash is believed as the sacred seat of Samvara or Demchok in Tibetan which is one of the most revered and famous tantric deities in Buddhism and lake Mansarovar as the mental creation of Samvara. Buddhism holds the Mount Kailash as the most exalted position than the most out of all the religions. It is treated as a major site of pilgrimage by a lot of Buddhists and believed even all the small mountains surrounding Mount Kailash are also very sacred mountains. As a Buddhist, visiting Mount Kailash is very important in their life, especially during Saga Dawa festival or full moon of the lunar month of Tibetan calendar, you can see thousands of Tibetan pilgrims are visiting Mount Kailash and many of them do prostration around Mount Kailash Kora which has 53Km distance where all the tourists take two full and half days’ time to complete the Kora.

Now that you heard of so much history and mythology surrounding this mountain, you are sure to want to visit this range. However, visiting Mount Kailash, this just doesn’t mean you need to prepare your time and necessary documents but it is very important to find a right local Tibetan travel agent like Tibet Shambhala Adventure who knows all the technical and general necessary information of the trip to Mount Kailash such as when is the best time of visiting mount Kailash, what kind of weather you should be ideally aiming for. what kind of clothes you will be wearing, what kind of health you should fit to the average altitude of 4500m-5000m of the entire tour.

The best time to visit Mount Kailash is from mid-May to July and then from September to the end of October. This is the best time that you can visit Mount Kailash considering the level of global warming. You want to be able to look at all the snow that graces the peak of the mountain, but it should not be so cold that you can barely move. Before the best time for visiting Mount Kailash is as all throughout May and June, and then September.

At first the locals of the mountain did not make it too easy for the eager tourists to visit the place considering its importance in the holy scriptures of a lot of religions. They would not want a place of worship for many to be polluted to such an extent that religious practice would not be possible. But now they have let go of the reigns a little bit and more foreigners are allowed to be able to have a visit to this snowcapped wonder.

Good quality guest hotels and more and more simple clean guest houses have also been established around the Mount Kailash which not only makes easier way to travel to Mount Kailash, but also the comfort of the Kailash trip has been improved very much. This will also allow them to stay in the town of the mountain longer so they can explore the culture more, meet their people, and taste their food.

If this exotic mountain range is not on your bucket list then pen it down now because this is a lifetime opportunity that you do not want to miss.

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