What are the Factors to be Considered Before Planning a Trip to Tibet?

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Tibet, with its very high altitude and the snow-covered peaks, remains something of a mystery to many of us low-landers across the world. It is not just the mountains or the snow that earmark Tibet as something quite enchanting, and yet unreachable, but the myriad of other things such as language, cultural differences and many more.

So, if you are planning a trip to Tibet or at least thinking about visiting the roof-top of the world, then it is the time you know what to expect or how to prepare for it in advance.

Visa and Travel Permits:

Ok, unless you are from China or Nepal, you need to apply for a Chinese Group Visa, which allows you permission to enter Tibet, from the Chinese side. Here again, plan it quite well in advance to ensure you are not restricted or not permitted due to the time-limits applicable for processing a Visa application. Check the websites and relevant information brochures to make sure that you have the Visa to enter this enchanting country long before the day of travel.

The ticket bookings and the travel bookings through tour operators can only be done when you have the visa in hand. So, this is your first step into the enthralling world of snow peaks and llamas!

Alternatively, if you are coming through Nepal, you can always apply for your Chinese group visa in the Kathmandu Chinese Embassy. Keep this option only if you have suddenly taken into your head to visit the Himalayan Kingdom.

Medical Checks and certificates:

While you do not need a certificate to prove your medical condition, Tibet may be well-above in altitude than the normal mountains your country has on offer. What this means is that acclimatizing yourself to such high altitude might take time. Air is rarer and much heavier, and therefore, requires your lungs and every part of the body to be in a fit condition to travel.

Mostly, the tour operators in Tibet give you a complete list of how or what to do when planning a trip to Tibet. However, having a medical done can give a clean chit to travel to this beautiful kingdom.

Fixing a perfect travel partner:

Now, here is where the whole process of planning a trip to Tibet comes into the picture. Tibet is a country that is not always touched by the modern amenities or the new-age technology that we have on offer. It is so high in altitude that many parts remain still inaccessible to technologies or the comforts it has on offer.

So, what this means is that you need a guide or a tour operator who can take you along to ensure you are well on the pre-determined path. A good tour operator, operating from Tibet itself, and comes with experience can only guide you through those mysterious pathways to help you explore Nature’s marvels. Hence, fixing up the best tour operator in place should be a mandatory and first priority. There are several tours on offer, and you will get to choose the best one when you come in contact with the tour operators.

Clothes and Travel Essentials:

When it comes to high altitude terrains, you need to be all the more careful about what you carry or how much you carry along with you. The clothes, baggage, shoes, and many such essentials need to be listed out and carefully planned well in advance. While you might get food supplies in the remote place of Tibet, you might not be lucky enough to get medicines or other essentials so it is always recommended to get these things in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet before you travel to the remote area of Tibet.

Again here, if you have fixed a tour operator to take you along their treks, you will be given enough warning and maybe a list of supplies and clothes to carry. Why not remain alert and ready with or without the list or warnings?

Check out the climate, the clothing requirements and anything else that you might need to have a safe trip to Tibet. A bit of careful planning and preparedness can make the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable.

So, if you are planning a trip to Tibet anytime soon, make a checklist to ensure you have a remarkable experience all over!

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