What Makes Ganden Samye Trek One of the Best Trekking Tours in Tibet?

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When you are in a place like Tibet, there is no way you can experience its uniqueness unless you do it on foot. The Trekking tours in Tibet are aimed at providing just this kind of once – in- a- lifetime experiences to the visitors.

Each of these treks or the trekking tours is arranged according to the personal preferences of an individual. There are Everest base camp treks, Ganden Samye trek, and many such one of a kind tour that are aimed at giving you what you want from this beautiful little Kingdom on the top of the world.

The Ganden Samye trek, for instance, is one of its kind routes that the pilgrims and tourists alike, love to visit. The whole trek is organized in such a way that from day one to the last day of the tour, you will have enough time and energy to explore and enjoy the visit completely. Not only is the destination the focal point of the trip, but the whole enchanting view of the mountains and peaks, lakes and rivers, all make a mesmerizing panorama.

A Ganden Samye trek typically starts from the city of Lhasa, where the tourists are gathered together to acclimatize them with the altitude. The city of Lhasa offers countless fascinating sights, including some of the monuments which are listed as World Heritage site. The Patola palace with its grandeur, the Norbulingka and its beautiful gardens, the Jokhang temple and monasteries, all provide you with a welcome distraction when your body acclimatizes itself to the high altitude. The day flows by without letting you worry about the effects of staying in a place that is very well called the rooftop of the world.

The route from Lhasa to Ganden again has the power to just keep you enthralled and fascinated with the beauty. The view of the lake below and the clear blue sky above, dotted with snow-covered peaks just makes you wonder at the significance of life and beyond. While you ponder upon some significant facts of life, your trek will reach Ganden monastery, one of the oldest and largest of Buddhist monasteries in the country. It is about 28 miles from the capital city of Lhasa, and is located on the Wangbur Mountain.  The Ganden monastery, with Drepung and Sera is considered the three significant temples of Tibet. While you relax in the south banks of the Lhasa river, surrounded by the gardens, your tour operator will be there to see to your more basic requirements of food and stay.

The Ganden- Samye trek is arranged in such a way that while you experience the delights of what Tibet has on offer, you are also left enough time to relax and rejuvenate. After all, you have come to a place known for its meditational powers and prayers. So, instead of passing on those peaceful mountain peaks and lakes without a thought, you are left with plenty of time to experience it wholeheartedly.

When you have your fill of the Ganden monastery, you come across Drupshi village and Yamado campsite, again some of the prime attractions of Tibet. Here, you can have fun doing some shopping or just visiting the campsite for some socializing. And again, you might not have time enough to do that when you become overwhelmed with the nomad camp, the enchanting grasslands and meadows you encounter along the way.

The Samye monastery, when you finally gaze at it, relieves you of all the hardship you faced along the way to get here. This is one pilgrimage or trek that one needs to take to have an encounter with some of the glories of nature along the way.

There are more such beautiful treks and tours in Tibet which are specifically organized according to your choice. Most local tour operators do such treks everyday of the week, and have many starting points, again according to your convenience and travel plans.

Hence, if you want to go on any of the Tibet trekking tours, contact the best tour operators to have the most enchanting, exhilarating and never-before- had experience!

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