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Why with Tibet Shambhala Adventure & how we are different?:

As we are one of the top 10 leading international adventure travel companies owned by Tibetans, based in Lhasa, the ancient holy city of Tibet. We have a team of trendy and dedicated executive directors, managers, expert travel consultants, and operation teams for handling the trips.
We realize the importance of time and efficiency of communications, which are necessary for our agents and clients. Therefore, our dedicated expert travel consultants are always available to answer your questions, regardless of how big or small they may be.
We have our own experienced, professional, local team of different language speaking tour leaders, guides such as, English, French, Italian, German, etc. adventure cooking team, and the drivers who play the most critical role in our travel work. They are always in the field with a traditional Tibetan smiling face for our clients to give the excellent service and make the trips perfect forever.

How we are accurate & professional:

All our sales and travel consultants are qualified at least three years of guiding experiences and insightful knowledge of all the traveling destinations in Tibet. Even today, we give chances to our travel consultants to travel with some of our groups and get the updated information from our different travel routes, so the trip information we provide comes from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation.

How we act:

We honestly practice the fair trade and take good care of our teams and field staffs by paying satisfied base salary/plus performance bonus to our staff and community service team members to maintain the quality service.

How we operate:
We always try to make our trips as flexible as possible. Whenever there is an extra demand from our clients, you won’t hear saying no from our field staff. For a small issue, our tour leader or guide has the right to decide right away or they will call our office operation department and will try their best to reach your satisfaction.
We entirely disagree with any act of forced shopping or tourist traps by arranging an agreement with shops and factories and guarantee that all our tours are purely unique, and authentic experiences.
Our tour leader or guide always give you briefing what you are going to do or what you are going to see the next day to have preparation in your mind for the next day.

We absolutely disagree any act of forced shopping or tourist traps by arranging agreement with shops and factories and guarantee that all our tours are purely unique, and authentic experiences.

Our tour leader or guide always give you briefing what you are going to do or what you are going to see the next day to have a preparation in your mind for the next day.

How we care:
Just in case we cannot continue our trip because of the natural disasters or the sudden changes in the government policies, we can replace our clients’ trip to another destination and make the trips more enjoyable.
We have 24 hrs. communication service, and If our clients are sick and cannot continue with their group members, we always help them to take to the hospital and take care of them without any extra service charges.
We help our clients to change flight/train tickets dates or rebook even though we do not book it or we help our clients to call their insurance by using our phone calls or mobiles without charging.

How we care responsible tourism:
We help the local community to grow their business such as local owned Tibetan restaurants, hotels, vehicles, etc. We always try to improve the remote trekking destinations where the locals can benefit directly from tourism by using their pack animals. More people from the villages involved in the trekking service, opening small restaurants or guest houses and going with Yaks for the Tibet trek.

Every year, we give training to our office team and field staffs to take care of the environment. We invite some of our overseas tour operator partners from Europe who have been the members of responsible tourism for many years; we are the first adventure company in Tibet who collects all the garbage from trekking area and send them back to the city no matter whether it is a short or long trekking trip. Our field staff always have to bring the garbage back to the town that they produce during their Tibet adventure tour. Until they meet our vehicles, they carry it on the pack animals. Once they reach the cars, it is easy to work for them as they can quickly bring back by vehicles.

We give free training to our field staffs and even free language classes during the winter by inviting some language teachers or some expert foreign tour leaders. Many of our guides began their career as cooks and assistants in our company. After they gained many years of training and language class, many of them gradually have become excellent English and French speaking guides. With our strong efforts and ability, we have become the only agent who has many French-speaking guides besides other languages.

Our Infrastructure:
We have our fleet of vehicle company which can provide a variety of vehicles such as Luxury coaster bus, Yutong bus, Honda and Transit vans, Toyota Land Cruisers, Jeeps, and cars. We also have agreements with leading transporter and equipment suppliers by which we offer the best quality services to our clients. In some of our traveling destination, we have our hotels providing exceptional care to our clients. Also, we have the best office environment where our staffs/agents/ leaders can work without any problem.

Equipment we use:
As we have kept our equipment best available, we are committed to providing the best quality services. We have the selected branded tents for the camping adventure such as Saliwa and North face tents bought in France, and we choose the best available hotels on the way as we always believe in Quality Service.

We guarantee the best level of Tibet travel service:
Tibet Shambhala Adventure recognizes that our partners and clients are the ones that allow us to keep doing what we love, emotionally and professionally. Because of that, our business and providing the highest level of service have become extremely important to us; therefore, we offer a full palette of service for our partners.
We want to ensure that every aspect of your experience is an enjoyable one. Not only does Tibet Shambhala Adventure have experts in the regions that our client’s travel, but we also have an entirely dedicated expert correspondence in each field who are ready to give the answers of the questions the clients may have. We’ve got your trip to Tibet covered – all of the logistics for a smooth trip, down to the smallest of details have been checked, double-checked and confirmed. Whether its equipment questions, training suggestions, recommendations for trip extensions or assistance with travel plans, our specialist’s expertise lies in knowing the activities and regions we covered on our adventure.

We respect your client relationship:
We work behind the scenes to make you look good. We provide up-to-the-minute detailed information on the status of trips, so you have on-the-ground knowledge without needing fixed operations in Tibet.

Best Agent Rates:
For a promising Tibet travel experience, we have our permanent tour leaders, guides, adventure cooking teams, drivers, hotels, Vehicle Company and the best connection with the suppliers for hotels, airlines, transport, etc. We have exceptional rates for the whole year with the highest quality of service. You won’t have to worry about having different season cost, peaks, and normal which will give you a big headache when you advertise the brochure for the series groups. We pass the same advantage to our agents, new and emerging travel companies which helps them to get their businesses started and grow in the future.

We customize Tibet tour itineraries:
Going beyond the classic Tibet highlights, we tailor unique culture, trekking, and adventure itineraries to meet your client’s needs and interests. We have the infrastructure and relationships to carry out nearly any request you may propose. This Tibet tour is going to be an unforgettable experience for you!

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