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Yamdrok lake trekking is one of the best and beautiful short trekking tour in Tibet which allows you to visit most important religious sites in Tibet as well as beautiful mountain views, Tibetan traditional villages, nomadic and farmers’ life and different kinds of wild lives.

Yamdrok lake trekking takes you from 3650m elevation to the highest elevation of Jeshul la pass which is above 5000mts. You will get the happiest experience to witness the Tibetan nomadic life and moreover during your trek, you will get to communicate with the Tibetan local people to get more authentic and special attachment with them.

This Tibet trek gives you the chance to have extraordinary experience of visit isolated monasteries, villages, towns, mountain view, farms, courtyard, beautiful yaks, horses, sheep, and sometimes you will see the beautiful wild animals like blue sheep, wolves, foxes, antelope etc……


You are going to spend three days in Lhasa including arrival day, to visit the spectacular Potala Palace which is the most holy pilgrimage site, originally built by the great King Songtsen Gonpo. The famous Jokhang Temple, the most sacred Temple situated in the center of Lhasa. Both are listed in the UNESCO sites.

Walk around Bakhor Bazaar where you will encounter hundreds of Tibetan people doing kora around Jokhang Temple. Visit Sera and Drepung monastery.

You can have a short hike around Sera Monastery which will help you to have good impact on acclimatization to high altitude. You will also meet many Tibetans, circumambulating around Sera Monastery.

Within those 3 days, you will get great time to be acclimatized which can have great significant for your up heading trekking trail for few days.

Driving from Lhasa along the Kyichu and Brahmaputra rivers and head towards Drathang fresco monastery which will take you around 2 and half hr. On the way, you will see beautiful Tibet villages, surrounded by greenery barley field and trees.

DRATHANG MONASTERY was established as a kadam institution by Drakpa Ngonshe and it has the most beautiful wall painting which has more than a thousand years history.

On the way to LANGTHANG DEWACHEN, visit DUPUE CHOKOR MONASTERY and eventually reach to camp site at Langthang Dewachen, from there trek to BUMTHANG MONASTERY and back to campsite.

Next day you are going to trek to the hip of Jesul la Pass where you are going to set the camp and from there you can see the courtyard of sheep and yaks. Then next day, trek towards JESHUL LA PASS with the elevation of above 5000mts, from there you see the amazing YAMDROK LAKE also known as Turquoise Lake and KURLA MOUNTAIN.

Then trek to KANGRU MONASTERY which have more than hundreds of years history but these days you will find only few monks and nuns. The camp site near monastery which is full of grassland where we can see the animals grazing.

From the top of PENZELA 4650m, you can have a beautiful view of Yamdrok Lake as well. On the way back to Lhasa, you will visit TAKLUNG MONASTERY and SAMDING MONASTERY.


Drive from Lhasa through Yarlung River to Drathang Fresco for around 2 and half hr. drive, visit Drathang monastery and then continue drive for about 1 hr. towards Langthang Dewachen, on the way, you can see the big farm and visit Dupue Chokor monastery. Now your Yamdrok lake trekking starts from Langthang Dewachen where you are going to set the camp.

You will trek to Bumthang Monastery for 1 hr. walk back and forth. The trail is slightly ascent and then descent. There you will see beautiful Tibetan villages and farms etc…..

From Langthang Dewachen campsite, you will have the extraordinary and unique experience with Tibet Shambhala Adventure i.e. you get to watch the sky filled with beautiful stars in the night and visit a Tibetan family to see how the Tibetan farmers’ houses.

Today you are going to trek to Lhemachen, which will take 6 hours ascent walk to reach Lhemachen from Langthang Dewachen and you will camp at Lhemachen for the night to be ready to cross Jeshul la pass for the next day.

Again ascent to Jesul la with the elevation of above (5000mts) which will take 3 hr. walk to reach. There have courtyard of sheep and yaks. You will have the view of nomadic life, yak and sheep courtyard and sometimes you can also see blue sheep.

From the top of Jeshul la pass, you will see the beautiful snow caped mountain view if the weather is clear. You will have the magnificent view of Yamdrok Lake as well from the top of Jeshul La. Then descent for around 2 hr. walk through nomad trail to reach Kangru Monastery, visit Kangru monastery and meet our vehicle in Kangru. From Kangru monastery, if we drive to the camp site at Yamdrok lake, it will take around 30 min and if we walk, it will take around 2 hours.

Another option of trekking to Yamdrok lake from Kangru monastery is instead of driving to the lake side, you can trek through Penzela pass with the elevation of 4650m for around 1 hr and 30 min. ascent and half hr. descent from the top of the Penzela pass.

From the top of the Penzela pass, you will have an amazing view of Yamdrok Lake with turquoise in color. There you can see lots of piled stones with scripted Mani on it. Set the camp at Renposur.

Today, you are departing from our camping crew and head towards Lhasa by driving along the Yamdrok Lake anti clockwise direction and visit Taklung monastery on the way which is a very important Kagyupa monastery around Yamdrok region.

Taklung is one of the biggest towns around Yamdrok lake region and it used to be a very important trading town between Tibet and Bhutan and nowadays it is a township between Nakartse county and Lhodark county.

After visiting Taklung monastery, you will continuously drive to Samding monastery which is situated on the hill side to the west side of Yamdrok lake with an elevation of 4423m.

There are 20km back and forth from the main road to head towards Lhasa, visit Samding monastery and then continue your journey towards Lhasa through Chushul village and eventually you will reach Lhasa, the holy city of Tibet.


When the weather gets warmer, then it is easier to do hike or trek in Tibet, i.e. from April to June and September till October is the very best time to do the trekking in Tibet. July and Aug is the rainy season which is little bit harder to trek in Tibet since the place will be wet. Summer is also a good time to do trekking in Tibet since we don’t have heavy rain like in other low altitude countries.


It is very important to do the full body checkup before planning to do a Tibet Trek because if the clients already have some disease of heart, surgery sickness etc. the doctor will not recommend you to travel to Tibet since it is a high altitude travel destination.

Yamdrok lake trekking is not a very difficult trek but you still have to pass by the highest mountain pass called Jeshul La at the elevation of 5000mts and then steep down the valley to Kangru monastery.

It is very common to catch a mild symptom of high altitude sickness like headache, dizziness, insomniac, vomiting etc. it is defer from people to people’s health to get those symptoms, it is not that everyone have high altitude sickness. Some people don’t have any problems of high altitude sickness at all. You can overcome from high altitude sickness in 2-3 days.

For mild symptoms, you can overcome by eating Tibetan herbal medicine which is very useful. If the symptom gets worst, then you must go to the hospital. You must eat well like green leafy vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water etc. to overcome high altitude sickness.

Usually, 99% of our clients don’t get altitude problem since we plan a perfect Tibet trekking program and always recommend to spend three nights in Lhasa and drinking a lot of water in order to acclimatize to the altitude.  


You will camp for 4 days in this trekking program. During those days, you will reach the very pleasant place for camping where you get to see Tibetan Villages, mountains, lake, nomadic life, Yaks, sheep grazing, courtyards and vast grassland etc….. Our professional camping crew will arrange you the best chosen place to camp and serve you the most delicious outdoor meal.

Yamdrok Lake trekking gives you the new experience of witnessing the historical and religious site in remote place where the mass tourist normally cannot reach as well as beautiful Tibetan nomadic life, animals, vast grassland and many piles stones of Mani…….

Tibet Shambhala Adventure always try to make a unique and extraordinary Tibet trekking program for e.g. in this Yamdroke Lake trekking, we have made program where the clients can view the beautiful stars in the night, visit a Tibetan family, visit a monastery and communicate with Tibetan monks in order to get more authentic Tibet travel experience.

We always give the first priority to our clients by providing extremely the best service to satisfy our clients all the time.

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