Kailash Southern Route | DRAM(Nepal Border)-Kailash-DRAM

14 Days
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This is a very popular itinerary for both Western tourists as well as Indian Pilgrims, starting and ending at the Nepal/Tibet border. This program is mainly focused on visiting Mt Kailash and Lake Mansarovar with three days Kailash Kora. Mount Kailash is located in Western Tibet, at an altitude of (6714m) above sea level. It is the most sacred mountain for both Hindus and Buddhists and is the abode of Samvara, or Demchok in Tibetan, the wrathful meditational deity who is the Buddhist tantric aspect of great compassion. For Tibetan Bon followers, whose custom it is to circumambulate anti-clockwise, it is the abode of Lord Tonpa Shenrab. For Hindus, it is the abode of Shiva, the destroyer of evil. Jains also hold Mount Kailash sacred.



  • Day 1

    Kathmandu - Dram - Nyalam ( 3750m/185km). Guest house

  • Day 2

    Acclimatization at Nyalam. Guest house

  • Day 3

    Drive to Saga ( 4600m/280km). Camp

  • Day 4

    Drive to Baryang (4750m/235km). Camp

  • Day 5

    Drive to Lake Mansaorvar (4572m/230km). Camp

  • Day 6

    Rest day at lake Mansarovar. Camp

  • Day 7

    Drive to Darchen ( 4660m/25km). Guest house

  • Day 8

    Start Trek to Dira Phuk (5010m/18km 4900mt). Camp

  • Day 9

    Trek to Drolmala campsite (5200m/15km). Camp

  • Day 10

    Trek to Darchen (4660m/18km) and drive to Lake Mansarovar (4572m/20km). Camp

  • Day 11

    Drive to Baryang (4750m/230km). Camp

  • Day 12

    Drive to Saga (4600m/235km). Camp

  • Day 13

    Drive to Nyalam (3750m/280km). Guest house

  • Day 14

    Drive to Dram-Friendship and KTM (1300m/193km).

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