Tibet Travel Document



There are two ways of processing Tibet travel permits and each way is requiring a different Tibet travel document from you.

1) If you plan to travel to Tibet from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal to Tibet, we will ask you for your colored passport photocopy as well your personal detailed information such as date of birth, occupation, nationality, sex and passport No respectively once you confirm Tibet trip with Tibet Shambhala Adventure.

The passports must valid more than 6 months and you will have to make sure that you have not traveled to any of the middle east countries prior to your travel to Tibet because the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu will not grant you the visa if you have any record of middle east countries on your passports. 

Another very important thing when you provide us Tibet travel document is that make sure that your passports are not torn or not mistakenly written your personal detailed information on the passport otherwise you can not enter China immigration even you are granted China visa. 



2) If you plane to travel to Tibet from mainland China, we need both your passport and China visa colored copies once you confirm Tibet trip with Tibet Shambhala Adventure. We recommend you to book your Tibet trip at least one month advance as you need to apply for China visa first which might take you one week or even more. 

The last most important kind notice for you when you provide us Tibet travel document is that make sure you don’t change your passport in the mean time after you already sent us the passport because we used to have some clients before that they sent us the old passport copy which has enough validity and later, they issue a new passport and apply the China visa on their new passport without informing Tibet Shambhala Adventure. We knew only when the clients are at the immigration that he came with a new paspsort and the China visa on it so his passport number on the Tibet travel permit is different than the passport that he has brought together.

In this case, you need to wait in the city or at the border from which you are entering Tibet for one or two days until we finish the correction on your Tibet travel permits. If you don’t find a right, professional and powerful Tibetan travel agent, you won’t be able to correct your names on the Tibet travel permit and need to return your home so this is a very important kind notice that you need to make sure before you send your Tibet travel document. 



If you provide the right Tibet travel document from the begining according to our needed Tibet travel document list afrer reading all the above information, Tibet Shambhala Adventue will apply for your Tibet entry and road permits to the related offices and will get your Tibet travel permits on time. To get more information about Tibet travel and tours, please visit Tibet group tour.