Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan, also known as land of the thunder dragon offers some of the best cultural Bhutan tours and Bhutan treks that the Himalaya has to offer. Bhutan has amazing and diverse landscapes which has been preserved and conserved well by the country. The country’s strict policies have paid off well as the country’s culture and religion has been well preserved. This secrecy have only added more curiosity to western traveler and has been an added attraction to the land of the thunder dragon. However, Bhutan has never disappointed these curious travelers with it’s beautiful landscapes, forest and monasteries. When one experience the contrasting landscape and traditional architectures of the country, one can finally agree with the name given to Bhutan, The Last Paradise.

Embark on unforgettable adventures with our Bhutan trekking tours that seamlessly blend breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences. Our meticulously crafted Bhutan treks promise an immersive journey, ensuring every moment resonates with the spirit of authentic Bhutan travel.

There are some unique and deep cultural Bhutan Tours that can run from central Bhutan to the east and from the east to the west Bhutan. A the same time, there are some unique, off the beaten trail Bhutan treks and Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Bhutan is a completely Buddhist country and everywhere, you can monasteries and temples. The official writing of Bhutan is the same as Tibetan language and all the Buddhist scrip is also the same as Tibetan Buddhist. The most famous or popular sect of Buddhism in Bhutan is Nyingmapa sect which has beend created by Padmasavawa, known as Guru Rinpoche in Tibetan, in the 8th century when the 38th King of Tibet called Songtsan Gampo invited Guru Rinpoche to Tibet from India.

Bhutan is the only Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayan which has been practing it's kingdom even in 21st century and there are King's palaces, Buddhist temples and monasteries as well as quite many fortresses, known as Dzong in Bhutanese with a dramatic landscapes that ranges from subtropical plains to the steep mountains with a very great water resources. There are a couple of high mountain peaks including Jomo Lhari snow mountain which is bordered to Tibet and it is considered as the highest mountain which has not been climbed yet in the world. There are many beautiful Bhutan treks in the region where Jomo Lhari snow peak is and the most popular cultural Bhutan tours Paro Taktsang monastery. Eventhough Bhutan is a small country but it is bordered to Tibet Autonomous Region of China, to the Indian states of Assem and Bengal in the southern India, Arunachel Pradesh state of India in the east. Bhutan's main industry is the hydro power station and the tourism. Bhutan is also considered as a restrcit county so when you plan a Bhutan tours or Bhutan treks, make sure that you will find a right travel agent who can organise your visa and necessary permits to Bhutan.