KTM-Nepal-Ganj-Hilsa- Tholing-Kailash-DRAM(Nepal Border)

22 Days
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This itinerary is for clients who want to trek towards Mt Kailash. From Nepalganj in Western Nepal we fly to Simikot and then trek all the way to near Taklakot, on the Nepal/Tibet border. On this trek one can enjoy first green landscape and then desert. At the Nepal/Tibet border we are picked up by Land Cruiser and proceed to Mt Kailash, Lake Mansarovar, Tholing monastery and the ancient Guge Kingdom.



  • Day 1

    Flight to KTM and transfer to hotel. (1300m)

  • Day 2

    Sightseeing in KTM. Hotel

  • Day 3

    Fly to Nepal Ganj in the evening after the Chinese visa affair.

  • Day 4

    Flight to Simikot(3720m) - start trekking camp between Tuling and Dharapuri (5hrs walk)

  • Day 5

    Trek to Yalbang (6hrs walk)

  • Day 6

    Trek to Tumkot (5-6hrs walk)

  • Day 7

    Trek to Yari (6hrs walk)

  • Day 8

    Trek to Sipsip (5hrs walk)

  • Day 9

    Trek to Taklakot (3770m/5-6hrs walk)

  • Day 10

    Drive to Purang (3770m/60Km)

  • Day 11

    Drive to Lake Mansarovar(4572m/70Km)

  • Day 12

    Drive to Tirthapuri(4330m/120Km). Camp

  • Day 13

    Drive to Tholing(3780m/240km)

  • Day 14

    Visit Tholing monastery and Guge Kingdom. (26km)

  • Day 15

    Drive to Dharchen(4660m/300km). Guest house

  • Day 16

    Start Trek to Dira Phuk (5010m/18km 4900mt). Camp

  • Day 17

    Trek to Drolmala campsite (5200m/15km). Camp

  • Day 18

    Trek to Darchen (4660m/18km) and drive to Lake Mansarovar (4572m/20km). Camp

  • Day 19

    Drive to Baryang (4750m/230km). Camp

  • Day 20

    Drive to Saga (4600m/235km). Camp

  • Day 21

    Drive to Nyalam (3700m/280km). Guest house

  • Day 22

    Drive to Dram - Friendship and KTM (1300m/193km). Hotel

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