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18 Days
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  • Day 01 Fly Kathamndu - Lhasa, 3650mts, 60km

    You will be met our Tibetan guide and accompany to Lhasa city. There are 60Km from Gongkar airport to Lhasa and you will see yarlung Tsangpo ( the Bharma Putra ), Nyethang stone carved Buddha and Lhasa Kyicu river. Check in the hotel and free afternoon for acclimatization. Hotel

  • Day 02 Sightseeing Potala Palace , Jokang temple & Barkor

    .In the whole morning, visit Potala Palace , the highest palace in the world. It is more than 3,700 meters above sea level. The Palace is dominated by golden roofs and from the top of the golden roofs, you can have a bird-eye view of the whole Lhasa city. In the distance are undulating mountain ranges, the beautiful Lhasa river, tracts of fields, tree-shaded villages and the glistening Jokhang Temple . Afternoon visit Jokhang Temple , first built temple during the period of Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo in the 7th century, features Buddhist prayer wheels, reclining deer, golden sutra streamers. You'll find many Pilgrims pray in front of the temple. Then sightseeing or shopping at Barkhor Bazaar which is around the temple

  • Day 03 Sightseeing Drepung and Sera monasteries

    Drepung monastery is the largest monastery in Tibet , built in the 15 th century by one of the famous Tibetan monks called Jamyang Choeje. The monastery is beautifully located up in a hill at the distance of 15 Km from the old section of the city. The monastery was considered as colleges in the olden days where all Tibetan man could study. Sera monastery and see the most interesting monks debating.Sera monastery was built in the 14th century by Jamchen Choeje,a famous desciple of Tsongkapa,the rounder of the yellow hat.Sera is one of the six biggest monasteries in Tibet.

  • Day 04 Lhasa - Foot of Khampala pass,4974mts, 75Km

    Start your tour at 8.3o Am from your hotel and ride the whole group towards the gigantic square of the Potala Palace, meet all the groups members in front of the Potala Palace and take group photos on the bike in front of the Potala Palace which will be the most unforgettable and precious souvenirs of your Tibet mountain biking trip. Continue riding towards Chushue county along the Lhasa river which is one of the biggest tributary of Yarlung Tsangpo. On the way you can also enjoy the landscape of Lhasa valley with the stone carved Buddha and Nyethang Drolma Lhakang at Nyethang town. From Chushe county, you will leave the main road and head off the right side of the main road and cross the Chushue bridge which was the biggest bridge in Tibet built in 1960s. You will camp after passing a village called Jangthang.

  • Day 05 Khampa la pass - Sid village,4488mts, 75Km

    Ride across the Khampa la pass with a bird eye view of the beginning of the Yarlung valley and Yarlung Tsangpo. From the top of the pass, you can enjoy the most beautiful turquoise colored lake and the Noejin Kangsang snow capped mountain in the distance. Camp beside the lake

  • Day 06 Si village - Noejing Kangsang campsite,4100mts, 70Km

    Ride close by Nakartse county, ascend Karo la pass,5045mts, and down to the resting spot where you can have fantastic view of Mount Noejing Kansang, glaciers,7191mts. Ride down in the beautiful valley dominated by beautiful mustard flowers in the summer time, in the distance, you can again enjoy the most marvelous standing still landscape of mount Noejing Kangsang.

  • Day 07 Noejing Kangsang - Gyangtse, 3950mts, 50Km

    Ride across the Simi la pass, 4350mts, rest on the top of the pass and take photos. You will be riding along a big reservoir and here is an important tip for our clients to pay attention on the road while you are riding along the reservoir since the road beside the reservoir is really narrow. First view of Gyangtse town and it's fortress in the long distance. Gyangtse is one of the biggest farming lands in Tibet where people grow lots of barley, wheat, different kinds of vegetables.

  • Day 08 Gyangtse - Shigatse, 3900mts, 90Km

    Ride from your hotel to Palchoe monastery which is just 5 minutes, Park all the bikes at the entry gate of the monastery while you are visiting the monastery. Our driver will take care of the bikes there. Palchoe monastery is one of the second largest monastery in the Tsang region and it has more than 700 hundred years history, built by local chieftain called Rabten Kunsang. Within the monastery, you will also visit Kubum stupa which is the largest stupa in the central Tibet , also built by Rebtan Kunsang. After sightseeing, ride continuously to Shigastse, the second largest city of Tibet .

  • Day 09 Sightseeing Tashi Lhunpo and old market of Shigaste.

    Visit Tashi Lhunpo monastry and the old market of Shigatse. Tashi Lhunpo monastery is the seat of the Penchen Lama, built in 15th century by the first Dalai Lama,called Gedun Drub. On the slops of Drolmari, situated to the west of the fortress of Shigatse Dzong. The monastery is composed of 3 big colleges such as Tsennyi college, Ngapa college,Tse Gonkang college and one big assembly hall with numerous chapels around. The main object of the monastery are the giant gilled copper statue of the Future Buddha Maitreya which is (26Meters) high, built in 1914, embodying loving kindness, contains 6,700 teals of gold and 150 metric tons of copper, and within it, an enormous juniper tree from Reting monastery functions as a life-supporting axis, Sok-Shing in Tibetan, The tomb sutpas of the successive Penchen Lamas, the tomb of the 4 th , 10 th and from those of 5 th to the 9 th together respectively. There are around 500 monks nowadays. At the old market of Shigatse, it is a good opportunity for your to do your last shopping for souvenirs, besides you can see lots of Tibetan traditional costumes, food etc.

  • Day 10 Shigatse - Tsola pass camp site,4021mts, 115Km

    Ride on the friendship highway and today's riding trip is dominated by flocks of beautiful Tibetan villages

  • Day 11 Tsola pass campsite - Gyangtso la campsite,4700mts, 70Km

    Ride across the Tsola pass 4450mts/ and the landscape for today is the same as the day 10. After descending the Tsola pass, you can see the road on the left side to go to Sakya monastry which is 25Km from the main road.

  • Day 12 Gyatso la campsite - Pangla campsite,4370mts, 70Km

    Ride across the Gyatso la pass,5220mts and descend in the long valley and in the mean time, you will have your first view of Mount Everest, 8848mts, known as Qomo Langma in Tibetan. Pass by Shegar town, known as new Dingri and camp after the checkpoint.

  • Day 13 Pangla campsite - Choezom village,4450mts, 60Km

    Ride on the dusty road and cross the Pang la 5000mts from which you will have a fantastic view of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu respectively which are over 8000Mts. Pass by the village of Tashi zom and then continue to Choezom village.

  • Day 14 Choezom village - Rongbuk monastery,5000mts, 30Km

    Ride along the Rongchu river and getting closer view of Mount Everest on the way. After your lunch at Rongbuk monastery, ride to Everest Base camp at the distance of 8Km from Rongbuk. Take group photos with bikes at the Everest Base camp and enjoy the most attractive view of mount Everest. Return to Rongbuk monastery and over night at Rongbuk. Camp

  • Day 15 Rongbuk monastery - Old Dingri,4390mts, 70Km

    Ride across another Pangla pass,5000mts and descend down in the valley and get to Old Dingri. Old Dingri is one of the popular places to stop a night in order to view mount Everest for tourists especially for those who are unable to go to Mount Everest because of altitude problem.

  • Day 16 Old Dingri - Gurtso village campsite,4530mts, 80Km

    Ride for 20 minutes and then get to the friendship highway again and the road condition becomes better and smoother. On the way, it is possible for you to see groups of local people's horse carts which they use for their main transportation.

  • Day 17 Gurtso village - Nyalam Pelgye Ling,3950mts, 70Km

    Ride across the Lalung la pass,5090mts, and descend up to Thongla pass,5120mts again. Your last stop for taking photos of Himalayan mountain range, a great view of Himalayan mountain range and Mount Shisha Pangma,8000mts which is one of the most popular mountain peaks to the world most famous mountain climbers. After the pass, it is an easy ride down in the valley.

  • Day 18 Nyalam - Dzangmu - Friendship bridge,2300mts, 46Km

    Ride dow through like a gorge densely forested and some nice water fall from those of rocky hills so the landscape is more or less the same as when you are enjoying the scenery from Kathmandu to Dzangmu border.

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