Nepal-Tibet-Kailash-Guge kingdom -Kashigar

24 Days
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  • Day 01. Kodari/Zhangmu/Milarepa Gompa Camp

    From Dzangmu to Milarepa Gompa, There are 40Km and you will drive through a gorge with water fall, trees and then more valley up near Milarepa Gompa .

  • Day 02. Milarepa Gompa (Acclimatization Day ) Camp

    Visit Milarepa Gompa form teh campsite by walk around 20Munites and have a short day hike along the road side in order to acclimatize to the high altitude.

  • Day 03. Milarepa Gompa/Drongba Gompa Camp

    Drive to Drongba from Milarepa Gompa campsite with a view of several beautiful snow mountain ranges including Shisha Bangma. 340Km Distance. Camp Before Baryang or after Baryang depending on the arrival timing.

  • Day 04. Drongba Gompa/Lake Mansarovar. Camp

    Seralung= Drive from Baryang to Seralung Gompa with view of some wild animals such as Wild Donkeys, Foxes, Nomad camps by chances. There are around 330Km distance.

  • Day 05. Trek Seralung/Trugo. Camp

    This is a trek along the lake Mansarovar east site near Mount Gurla Mandata, more than 7000Mt high. 5-6 hrs walk

  • Day 06. Trek Trugo/Gossul/Chiu Gompa. Camp

    Trek along the Lake Mansarovar near by Trugu monastery, Chiu monastery respectively. 4 hrs

  • Day 07. Chui Gompa/Dharpo Che. Camp

    You will drive along the valley with a great view of Mount Kailash in the front and Gurla Mandata on your rightside. It takes an hour to get to Dharpoche.

  • Day 08. Enjoy the Dharpo Che festival. Camp

    You will see lots of pilgrims around Dharpoche on Saga festival day and they will replace the prayer flags with the old one and there will be different kings of traditional dances and songs after they raised the giant prayer flag pole.

  • Day 09 Circumambulation of Mount Kailash . Camp

    Following the pilgrims, 3 days (4/5 h walk per day) walk to complete the ritual circumambulation of the mountain and have time to sit and soak ourselves with this exceptional place. The khora is done in one day by some pilgrims, while others do it in full prostrations or pitch their tents to meditate on the foot of the holy mountain. Camping near Dirapuk monastery ( 4910m )

  • Day 10 Circumambulation of Mont Kailash . Camp

    The most difficult day of the trip because we have to cross Tara's pass (Dolma La 5700 m ) before descending the other side to camp near the cave of Milarepa that we will visit the following day. Camp.

  • Day 11 Zutul Phuk - Darchen. 14Km -drive to Tirthapuri 60Km

    Today is the easiest and last day of your Kailash kora as you will trek down in the valley with beautiful distant scenery of Rakshas Tal lake .From here you will depart your Yak men and kind Yak and shift to jeeps. Drive along the plateau of Sutlej and head towards to Tirthapuri where there is lovely hot spring and Kyunglung Guru Gyam with Bon monastery. Camp

  • Day 12 Tirthapuri -Tholing 240Km . Camp

    Visit Kyunglung Guru Gyam and then you will be driving across one of the biggest passes during your journey called Jiangla pass (5100Mts ) and from the top of the pass, you will enjoy a unique land view resembling to a pool as it is just consumed it's water from the pool or similar to Egypet mud towers.

  • Day 13 Tholing- Guge Kingdom, 20Km , Visit Guge Kingdom- Tholing, Visit Tholing monastery. Guest house

    GUGE KINGDOM was founded in the late 10 th century by lineages of Lang Dharma, King Palkor Tsen's son Kyede Nyima Gon after the Tsenpo period was diminished in the late 10 th century and it was resided by 16 lineages of the Kings respectively. The citadel of Guge is situated up on a giant cliff and it has (300Meters) in height and 18,0000 square Meters in length. Eventhough the citadel of Guge was heavily destroyed, it still remains important Buddhist arts in Tsaparang. The wall paintings and the statues paint were influenced by Kashmiri style in 11 th century, Newari style in 14 th and 15th century, and Tibetan style in 17 th century respectively. The least damaged temples now are White, Red and Demchok temples and you can see damaged heads or shoulders of the statues and destroyed wall paintings on the wall in those temples. THOLING MONASTERY the temples and religious buildings of Tholing are the most significant in far west Tibet . The monastery was constructed under the guidance of the great Tibetan translator Rinchen Zangpo in around 11 th century although some historian refers to the date of 996.During his life time, he is said to have built 108 temples throughout far west Tibet and Ladhak eventhough few still exist, those at Tholing are considered to be the best examples of Guge style of Buddhist art. Tholing was the main religious centre prior to the visit of the great Indian Pandit Atisha due to the influence of Rinchen Zangpo. Atisha was invited by Rinchen Zangpo under the instruction of the Guge King Yeshe-O. As the history goes by, Yeshe-O was very devoted to Rinchen Zangpo's activities and he himself founded the monasteries in Tholing. Yeshe-O sent his men to India to invite Atisha several times but they returned after being refused their request several times. Yeseh-O sacrificed all his life in order to invite Atisha. He was captured by invading troops from Qarloq who demanded ransom. When Yeshe-O's nephew Jangchub O tried to save his life, Yeshe- O responded to his nephew by saying " I am an old man. My life now is short. Use the ransom to invite and assist Atisha to come to Tibet . When Atisha was moved by Yeshe-O's dedication to Buddhism, Atisha finally agreed to visit Tibet and he was amazed to see Buddhism flourishing when he arrived in Guge. Guest house

  • Day 14 Tholing-Dungkar Peyang, 80Km . Camp

    Today you will be driving back through the same pass of Jiangkyi la pass ( 5100 Mts ) get into the valley of Dungkar . DUNGKAR PIYANG has around 1100 ye ars history and the murals in the cave are possibly the oldest in Ngari region. The oldest temple at Dungkar is attributed to Princess Lhei Metok, daughter of King Yeshe-O in the 10 th century, but the building that is most prominent nowadays is Tashi Choling. Tashi Choling was built for Tsongkapa's student Ngawang Drakpa in the 15 th century. Piyang is around 3Km from Dungkar at the far end of the valley. The oldest building in Piyang was the Karsak Lhakhang, attributed to King Yeshe-O. Both Dungkar and Piyang have extremely gorgeous paintings. Camp

  • Day 15. Dungkar- Laoche la-Ayi La -Namru, 75Km Camp

  • Day 16. Namru - Ali, 190Km Hotel

  • Day 17. Ali- Rutog. Camp

    110Km . Camp We can even extend driving for htis day for around 35 more Km and see Rotok Panggong tso with a small bird isdland

  • Day 18. Rutog - Duoma, 190Km . Camp

  • Day 19. Duoma-Aksai Chin-Dahongluitan, 340Km .Camp

    Today you will enjoy the scenery of some snow muntains, lake Aksai Chin as well as the border between Xinjiang and Tibet.

  • Day 20. Dahongluitan-Mazar, 260Km . Camp

  • Day 21. Mazar-Yecheng (Karghilik), 180Km . Camp

  • Day 22. Yecheng-Da Tong Xiang, 250Km . Camp

  • Day 23. Da Tong Xiang-Tashkurgan, 190Km . Camp

  • Day 24.Taskurgan - Kashgar, 100Km . Camp

    Situated at the foot of the impressive Pamir mountains, Kashgar was once the key trading post bridging the East and the West. Largely inhabited by the Uygurs, this ancient city is dotted with Muslin architecture and still retains the exotic feel of the Silk Road era. We will visit Kashgar's lively markets, which attract thousands of people from the far corners of the region. They come here to sell, bargain, and trade everything ranging from camels to raisins. Our sightseeing tour will also include the Id Kha Mosque and the tomb of Abjak Hoja. Our tour includes the tombs of Abakh Hoja, the famous Eidgah Mosque and the most unique old town with typical Uyghur styled homes. We visit the various shopping alleys full of noodle shops, bakeries, teashops, blacksmiths and carpenters. Time has stood still - try a local taxi, which is a donkey cart

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