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14 Days
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  • Day 1 Chengdu-Lhasa

    You will be met our Tibetan guide and accompany to Lhasa city. There are 60Km from Gongkar airport to Lhasa and you will see yarlung Tsangpo ( the Bharma Putra ), Nyethang stone carved Buddha and Lhasa Kyicu river. Check in the hotel and free afternoon for acclimatization.

  • Day 2 Sightseeing in lhasa, Potala, Jokang & Bharkor.

    You will start your tour at around 9 Am from your hotel and sightseeing to Potala Palace and Jokang temple and Bharkor street . Potala Palace is the winter palace of the Dalai Lama,built originally in the 7th century and expended to the present size by the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17 th century. The Potala Palace is thirteen stories high and it has more than 1000 rooms. Jokang temple was built in the 7 th century by one of the greatest Tibetan Kings called Songtsen Gampo. The temple is located just in front of your hotel and you can visit the Barkor street after the sightseeing of Jokang temple.

  • Day 3 Sightseeing in Lhasa, Drepung & Sera monasteries.

    Drepung monastery is the largest monastery in Tibet , built in the 15 th century by one of the famous Tibetan monks called Jamyang Choeje. The monastery is beautifully located up in a hill at the distance of 15 Km from the old section of the city. The monastery was considered as colleges in the olden days where all Tibetan man could study. Sera monastery and see the most interesting monks debating.Sera monastery was built in the 14th century by Jamchen Choeje,a famous desciple of Tsongkapa,the rounder of the yellow hat.Sera is one of the six biggest monasteries in Tibet.

  • Day 4 Lhasa-Nakchu, 323Km

    You will start your journey at 9 Am after breakfast and the distance of the today's journey is 323Km . You will be driving on the Qinghai Tibetan high way along the rail way with a great view of high Tibetan plateau, nomad camps, snow capped mountains, some wild animals on the way.

  • Day 5 Nakchu - Toto He, 324Km

    The scenery for today's journey will be very similar to the above day unless you will cross the highest pass for your journey called Thang go la Pass 5700Mt above sea level and the distance of the journey is 324Km .

  • Day 6 Toto He - Golmud, 458Km

    You will start your journey at 8.30 Am and drive for 458Km to get to Golmud. Golmud is the city inhabited by Chinese Hui nationality where they practice Muslim.

  • Day 7 Golmud - Kokonor Lake , 565Km

    Today you will drive along beautiful desserts and sand dunes and the main scenery for your today's journey is the most famous Tibetan antelopes, nomads camp of Amdo, the far eastern Tibet . The distance of the driving is 565 Km .

  • Day 8 Visit Island of birds sanctuary

    The best site to see the birds sanctuary is 16 Km further along the peninsula and in spring there are more than one hundred thousand birds and more than 26 different birds are nesting there. From the end march till mid July is the best nesting time.

  • Day 9 Kokonor lake - Xining, 186Km

    Today you will drive for around 186Km begin with the grassland and nomads and end with a modern city of Xining .

  • Day 10 Xining, visit Kumbum Jampaling monastery

    umbum Jampa Ling monastery was founded in 16 th century by Rinchen Tsondru Gyeltsen to commemorate the birth place of Tsongka pa, the founder of the Geluk pa or yellow hat sect. the monastery is built around the tree that marks Tsongka Pa's actual birth place, where Tsongka Pa's mother had herself built a stupa ( Kumbum ) in around 14 th century. Later on the 3 rd Dalai Lama Sonam Gyantso stayed here and encouraged Rinchen Tsondru Gyatsen to build a Maitreya temple (Jampa Lhakang ), after which the site became known as Kumbum Jampa Ling.

  • Day 11 Xining - Xiahe or Labrang in Tibetan, 400Km

    Today, you will drive for around 400Km distance via Lanzho, Linxia town, inhabited by Chinese Muslims and then a gate way, indicating that you are leaving Muslim for the Tibetan area. Then 6 Km further long, a white stupa or chorten Kharpo in Tibetan comes into view. The Chorten Kharpo was the border frontier between China and Tibet ,erected in around 823

  • Day 12 Labrang, visit Labrang monastery

    LABRANG TASHIKYIL MONASTERY is one of the six biggest Gelukpa monasteries in Tibet and it is the largest Gelukpa monastery in Amdo region. It was founded in 1709 by the first Jamyang Zhepa Ngawang Tsondru who was revered as an emanation of Tsongkapa's teacher Umapa Pawo Dorje. During his studies in Lhasa , where he was a contemporary of Desi Sangye Gyatso, he received his title "Jamyang Shepa. After returning to his homeland, he then founded the most powerful monastery in Amdo. The main buildings of the great temples and colleges of Labrang Tashi Kyil were constructed by Jamyang Shepa and his successors. He himself founded the Tsokchen Dukhang Tosamling or assembly hall in 1709, the Gyume Dratsang or lower tantric college in 1716, the Sokshing Chora or college of dialectics and the Jokang temple, containing a much revered Jowo Rinpoche image flanked by 108 others in 1718 and the rest of the temples or the colleges were built by the successors of Jamyang Shepa respectively.

  • Day 13 Labrang - Lanzhou , 300Km

    Today you will drive on the same way back to Lanzho at the distance of 300Km , Lanzhou is the capital city of Gangsu province in China

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