Tibet Changtang Adventure Trek With Lake Dhangra and MT Targo

34 Days
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This unique itinerary starts and ends at the Nepal/Tibet border, combining the famous Changthang Plateau, inhabited by numerous wild animals such as wild yaks, donkeys, blue sheep, antelopes, foxes, wolves etc. On the trek, there is a great opportunity of confronting closely these animals. As well as a great view of a side of Nyenchen Thangla mountain, (7111m) the second longest mountain range after the Great Himalaya and Lake Dhangra and Mount Targo that are sacred spots for Bon followers who walk around the lake anticlockwise. Lake Dhamra is one of the largest lakes in Tibet and is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains.



  • Day 1

    KTM - Dram - Nyalam. Guest house

  • Day 2

    Nyalam to Old Dingri (4390m) and have acclimatization in the afternoon. Guest house or Camp

  • Day 3

    Early morning, Enjoy the view of Mount Everest if the weather is good and then drive to Lhatse. Camp. We will prepare for our trek from here and start the trek towards Chaptrang.

  • Day 4

    Trek to Chaptrang (6hrs). Camp

  • Day 5

    Trek to Phuntsok Ling monastery (6-7hrs) Camp Visit Phuntsok ling monastery on the same day

  • Day 6

    Trek to Tangna (5-6hrs). Camp

  • Day 7

    Trek to Lingo (6/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 8

    Trek to Tong (7-8hrs). Camp

  • Day 9

    Trek to Dhira (8hrs). Camp

  • Day 10

    Trek to kakthing (5hrs). Camp

  • Day 11

    Trek to Sapsee (5/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 12

    Trek to Dakma Linka (5hrs). Camp

  • Day 13

    Trek to Low (5/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 14

    Trek to Low (5/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 15

    Trek to Low (5/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 16

    Trek to Low (5/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 17

    Trek to the top of Chang Lha pola (5572m) and cross ChangLha Pola (8-9hrs). Camp

  • Day 18

    Trek to Targo river, known as Targo Tsangpo in Tibetan (9hrs). Camp

  • Day 19

    Trek to Sommai Que (4hrs). Camp

  • Day 20

    Trek to the below of Tingla Pass (4hrs). Camp

  • Day 21

    Trek to Targo Tsangpo (4/12hrs). Camp

  • Day 22

    Start Lake Kora/Trek to Camp A of Lake Dhangra Yungtso (7-8hrs). Camp

  • Day 23

    Trek to Camp B of Lake Dhangra (6-7hrs). Camp

  • Day 24

    Trek to Camp C of Lake Dhangra (8hrs). Camp

  • Day 25

    Trek to Camp D of Lake Dhangra (9-10hrs). Camp

  • Day 26

    Trek to Camp E of Lake Dhangra (8hrs). Camp

  • Day 27

    Trek to Camp F of lake Dhangra (8/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 28

    Trek to Camp G of Lake Dhangra yungtso (7/1/2hrs). Camp

  • Day 29

    Trek to camp H of Lake Dhangra (9hrs). Camp

  • Day 30

    Trek to Sezhick monastery (8-9hrs). Camp

  • Day 31

    Trek to Sommai Qu (8-9hrs). Camp

  • Day 32

    Drive to Sangsang Town. (230km)

  • Day 33

    Drive to Old Dingri. Guest house (300km)

  • Day 34

    Drive to Dram - Kathmandu

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