How To Prepare Yourself For Trekking Tours In Tibet?

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Tibet is probably the most unique travel destinations you’ll ever get the chance to experience. With an average altitude of some 4,800 MASL, trekking tours in Tibet poses many unique challenges, but will reward you with some of the most incredible landscapes painted by soaring mountains, hidden valleys, sacred lakes, and vast plains your eyes will ever lay upon. The local culture adds even more vibrant colors to the already splendid and majestic mountainous scenes innate to the region. Planning for a Tibet trek is crucial because the region’s elevation can make trails extra challenging to traverse and ascend. The question remains, how do you prepare yourself for a Tibet trekking adventure and make your body and mind strong enough to withstand its unique conditions?

One of the most important things you should remember when going on trekking tours in Tibet is to prepare yourself physically for demands of high altitudes and the cold temperatures that come with such elevations. If you climbing a flight of stairs is already a struggle to you, think of how much more challenging it would be trying to trek in high altitude conditions. If you plan on trekking Tibet, prepare yourself with a good cardio routine to get physically in shape.

Tibet trekking is best with a good guide. Guided tours are definitely your best option because local guides have the best inside knowledge and can help you discover more hidden gems than you ever would, trying to DIY your trek, no matter how good your guide book may be. It is also important to suit up with the right gear and equipment for climbing to ensure you are well-protected from the rigors of particularly challenging trails. Acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness and pack the right sustenance to keep you energized throughout your Tibet trek.

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