Know About Exciting Tibetan Cultures and Festivals Through Tibet Culture Tours

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Tibet has some of the best natural and scenic natural spots and regions of the world and its cultural heritage is also rich, vibrant, and attractive. Here are some of the hallmarks of Tibet heritage that the cultural tour of the region will take you through. A leading and licensed tour operator of the region like Shambhala Adventure Company can only provide you a revealing, explorative, and joyful Tibet culture tour.

The Tibet Sightseeing Cultural Attractions

The Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace are UNESCO World Heritage sites and grand depiction of the cultural heritage of the region. A Tibet cultural tour will also take you through the Sera and the Drepung monasteries, among others, that are important institutions and spiritual places of Buddhism. Tibetan villages and farms and are also a treat to experience and the marvelous and lush green Barley and crop fields are memorable. The unique elements of the livestock of the region include Tibetan Yak, among others. A comprehensive cultural tour of the region should include the Tashi Lhunpo monastery, which is also the seat of Panchen Lama.

Festivals of Tibet

 Tibet has a good number of festivals with their own unique hues, colors, attractions, and festivities. Some of the important festivals of the region include the Wedding festival, Yogurt festival, Saga Dawa festival, and the Tibetan Religious festival. Some festivals like Shotan have more than 500 years of legacy and history, and this festival also has for you the Tibetan Opera and the Thangka (Tibetan deity paintings) display.

Mount Kailash is one of the holiest mountains in the world which is revered by Buddhist, Hindus and Bon alike. The leading tour operators of the region like Shambhala Adventure offer you the Tibet culture tour of this holy mountain as well.

The Tibetan monasteries and festivals are major tourist attractions that one should definitely witness during a Tibet tour. It is important to hire a reliable and credible Tibet tour service that offers convenience and security. Shambhala Adventure has for you the Group and Private Tibet Tours available at affordable cost and the company also arranges Tibet tour permits and China visa as per the requirements and wishes of the clients.

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