Tibet has had the heaviest rain fall ever since

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Tibet had the heaviest rain fall ever since
In the end of July and beginning of Aug this year, Tibet has had a very heavy rain fall and many areas did have some landslides which give inconvenience for the passengers during their holiday in Tibet.

According to the older generations of the Tibetan local people, they say that it is the year we got the biggest and heaviest rain fall in Tibet ever since. In the one hand, it is good for the nomads and farmers in some dried places but in the other hand, it gives little bit inconvenience to the people and travelers who are having holiday in Tibet but the good thing is that in most of the places, it rains during the night time and day time is again sunny and clear blue sky as usual so it does not effect to your daily program.

According to Tibet Shambhala Adventure’s tour guide today, while some of our team members are on the way to Hilsa or known as Taklakot ( {Purang in Tibetan } which is the closest border to Mount Kailash between Nepal and China Tibet. Our team members are going to receive our German and Swiss groups, coming from West Nepal to Mount Kailash and on the way by around 5.30 Pm today, there was a landslide in Baryang town which is between Saga and Mansarovar. However since the net and phone service is far much better than before and nowadays, there is mobile service in almost every region of Tibet including the western part of Tibet. Besides, the Tibet Autonomous Region establishes strong road worker’s stations in every 10-20km distance so when there is this kind of landslides, they immediately come to clear the road so even if there is a landslide, you don’t have to wait for days to be cleared the road as it used to be before.

According to our team in Baryang where there was landslides, the local government road workers said that they will be clearing the road by around 5.00. Am tomorrow morning so it does not effect to our groups pick up in Taklakot tomorrow and for the others who are having holiday in Tibet or traveling to Mount Kailash, this does not effect to their daily program. They can spend a night in Baryang as there are plenty of accommodations including good clean hotels and guest houses as well as some small family lodges. The early next day, you can start your journey.

According to another source of our team members ( Tibet Shambhala Adventure’s group and team members), today while they are on the way to Kyirong border in the western part of Tibet which is a newly opened border between Nepal and China Tibet after the bad earth quake in Nepal. There is again another landslide between Kyirong town and Kyirong county which has just 30Km distance because of a heavy rain fall but again the government road workers in Kyirong sent people to clear the road immediately and all the passengers could travel like usual after waiting around one hour. Our French and Spanish groups who have just finished their holiday in Tibet are also very happy since they did not have to wait for a long time there and we have three other groups who have just started their holiday in Tibet from Kyirong border today and head towards Everest base camp were also very happy with the experience of such kind of adventure holiday in Tibet. To have more information about holiday in Tibet, please visit Tibet Shambhala Adventure.

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