Pilgrimage to Lhasa: Tibet Shambhala Adventure in quenching your thirst in your spiritual quest.

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The conventional practice of pilgrimage to Lhasa can be traced back to those days where people not only from Kham (eastern Tibet) and Amdo (north eastern) but from every part of the country walking all the way to the city of Lhasa ( Central Tibet)  to pay their holy visit to Jokhang temple (Tsuk Lak Kang). Tsuk Lak Khang is believed to be one of the most sacred Buddhist center in Tibet. It acts as a focal point for pilgrims of Mahayana Buddhist followers. According to the Tibetan tradition, pilgrims visit Jokhang temple to get blessing from Jowo Shakyamuni Buddha which is the primary image of the Jokhang temple. Jokhang temple was built by the king Songtsen Gampo to enshrine the sacred statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, brought to Tibet by the princess Wencheng of the Tang dynasty. There are also other important Buddhist Monasteries like Drepung, Gaden and Sera which pilgrim aims to set their spiritual journey for.


Through pilgrimage, Tibetan people seek purification, accumulation of good deeds, and blessing which can be gained via rituals they perform along the way. The conventional way of pilgrimage to Lhasa features Tibetan people with walking sticks on the right hand and prayer beads on the other, carrying a backpack containing Tsampa (Tibetan traditional food) and other necessities during the pilgrimage. It also features Tibetan reciting Buddhist mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) along their spiritual journey.


It is an astonishing fact that there are also Tibetan pilgrims in olden days, who do full prostration all the way to the holy city of Lhasa covering thousands of kilometers in their spiritual journey. Tibetan people believe that the prostration has physical, mental and spiritual benefits.


Due to rapid infrastructure and economic development in Tibet, the pilgrimage to Tibet has never been as rough as those of conventional days. The present day pilgrimage to Lhasa can be viewed as one of the most pleasant spiritual journey with airlines connecting from your city to Lhasa presenting the bird eye view of those great mountains of Himalaya. The Qinghai-Tibet express or commonly termed as “Sky Road” would let you experience the world highest express way connecting between city of Xining and Lhasa. Presenting you with the distant beauties of Snow-capped-Mountain, The bluest lake that the displays the perfect reflection of heavenly horizon.


The Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage is one another sacred destination which one should not miss to set the spiritual journey for. This part of the trans-Himalaya Tibet is viewed as sacred by other believers like Hinduism, Jainism etc. and attract thousands of the pilgrims every year.  Prostration and circumambulation is associated well with Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage which believes to purify the impurity in and around the pilgrims. Not very far from the Mt. Kailash, should the Mansarova pilgrimage be a must in your list of spiritual destination. It has its own spiritual significance in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism etc.


Are you a believer in spiritualism? I am sure you are. If you are about to set your spiritual journey, Travel to Tibet has been and will always be your perfect destination for your spiritual quest journey.

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