Day Tour to Nomad Camping On The Southeast Side Of The Great Lhasa

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Recently Tibet Shambhala Adventure set up a picnic project and decided to have an office staff summer picnic and a day tour to nomad camping and treated them to a unique adventure in the Panam Township of Taktse County which is located to the south east of Lhasa city. In the one hand, we wished to get a relaxing time for our staff and in the other hand, we wanted to explore something different and a new day tour around Lhasa that no other tourists have been able to do, so we decided to have them try a new hiking route southeast of Lhasa.

After travelling a distance of 40km, we reached the upper valley of Panam township where the beautiful nomad camping side is. Since it had not been visited by outsiders before, and thus not advertised, we were not ready for the stunning scenery of the humble town. The valley is unbelievably gorgeous, adorned with the classic scene of beautiful green villages set upon the lush green grass and the backdrop of the cloudy blue gray sky. It certainly was a stark, and pleasant, contrast from the boring white cement walls and full of traffic of the city.
The members of the staff chatted happily with their coworkers, whilst observing the awe inspiring nomadic way of life and enjoying their day tour to the nomad camping. The land is flooded with strong and fierce looking Yaks, which the native nomads treat as family pets.

Yaks have been the most important animals of the nomads in Panam town for years and are well known for the delicious milk that they produce. Our staff was treated to the scrumptious Yogurt that had been made from the Yak milk, while visiting the tents of the nomads. But that was not it. Our staff was to participate actively in the lifestyle of the nomads.

They got to hear the interesting stories of the nomads, who were the exemplar of individuals that are full of life. They then learned of the ways the nomads and their families would survive on a day to day basis in the remarkable town of Panam. The nomads live a way of life which is an interesting contradiction to that our 9 to 5 city life. They pasteurize their animals, milk from Yak, get butter from the fresh Yak milk, do campfires, and also cook their food on those fires.

So, to give our employees a break from their everyday desk jobs, we decided to have a day tour to the nomad camping and let them become nomads by experiencing the authentic life style of Tibetan nomad. The staff trekked around the beautiful hills, tended close to the animals, cooked on the campfire and just had a blast sharing wild and funny stories as the heat of the fire gently enveloped them.

The staff even got to meet some more locals from other places who also came to have picnic and got to know about them. They all made teams together and enjoyed various activities such as Yak riding, hiking in the valley, printing the Tibetan prayer flag by themselves in a Tibetan traditional way, and have the Tibetan circle dance.
All of these coupled together allowed the employees to press the pause button and just refresh. They got to get out of their mundane routine and tried something fairly unique.

We often take our staff to restaurants or bars to relax from busy life But usually they are the places where the employees can go themselves with their friends as well. However, this new place which is hidden in the depths of the country was something very unusual for the employees. Which, they really appreciated and thanked to Tibet Shambhala Adventure and had a kind of family feeling that the company is taking good care of them and practicing the responsible tourism as well. At the same time, we discovered a very good and unique new product to our customers and we will propose this beautiful day tour to the nomad camping soon.

You too, should experience this gorgeous day tour, at least once in your life when you are in Tibet!
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