Everything you Need to Know About Tibetan New Year Festival

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The arrival of a new year is a very special and significant occasion for the Tibetians and the visitors alike. The whole beautiful kingdom on the top of the world transforms itself into colorful congregations, with people dressed up in silks and traditional dresses. Several visitors come in for the Tibet festival tour around this time to witness an awe-inspiring sight.

If you are thinking about taking that Tibet festival tour to enjoy the festivities first hand, then here are some details about the occasion and what you can expect on your visit.

When is New Year celebrated in Tibet?

Every one of us has different ways to enjoy our new year. The Tibetians too, have a very unique and colorful way to commemorate the end of the year and the coming of new beginnings. The New Year is called ‘Losar’ in Tibet and is a very special time for the people of this country. The Tibetans follow the lunar calendar, and therefore, for them one year is twelve months. So, the first day of the first month of the year (Like January 1st) is considered New Year. Although, unlike the other cultures and countries, the festival or rather, the beginning of New Year is celebrated for 15 days, the first three days being the focus of attention.

What is special about the New Year in Tibet?

While New Year is special everywhere, it has extra significance for this kingdom located within the confines of Himalayas. The reason behind this is that for them, this time of the year is occupied to wade away the evil spirits and bring in prosperity and good health. The tradition has been followed for several centuries now and comes with Buddhists religious beliefs. Although, many historians believe that this tradition of celebrating New Year through a series of rituals was followed by Bons even before Buddhism was introduced to them.

The same is followed even today, with innumerable small and beautiful rituals following one another, for the tenure of fifteen days. And thus, the visitors coming at this time of the year will be inundated with fragrance of the incense sticks, colors on those newly erected flags and the aroma of delicious cooking all around!

Several Special Tibet festival tours are organized for people who come from all across the world to experience the magic of New Year celebrations in Tibet.

How do the Tibetians celebrate their New Year?

The celebrations or rather, the rituals begin in the last two days of the old year. This is when people gear up for the new beginning by cleaning their house, preparing special ingredients for delicious recipes and visit the monks in monasteries for delivering their peace offerings.

The New Year dawn is when the real celebrations start. Food, drink, and frolic all are done with full fervor. New and glittering flags are erected; special reunions and parties are organized, celebrating the beginning of a New Year.

The whole of the Himalayan kingdom comes alive with all this festivity, giving the visitors a perfect insight into the lives of those who live here. Unlike the other times when the tourists come to enjoy the snow-covered peaks, this time of the year is when they just come to experience the festivities that lights up the sky beyond. The snow-covered peaks somehow lose their prime attraction spot when the whole of the country comes out to celebrate the new dawn.

Is it possible to visit Tibet during New Year?

Yes, it is very much possible to visit this beautiful Himalayan kingdom to take part in their New Year celebrations. The tour operators arrange special Tibet festival tour packages for their guests. This allows them to mingle with the locals in their festivities, and enjoy many exciting and ancient customs that the Tibetians follow during their New Year.

If you are planning to be a part of these celebrations, remember to book your tour with a local tour operator, well before the New Year. This is one of the busiest of the time wherein people from every corner of the world visit the place to have an experience of a lifetime! So grab your seats and plan your trip to make it a worthwhile visit!

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