Tibet Festival Tour

Tibet Shambhala Adventure offers different kinds of Tibet Festival Tours that can introduce many Tibet culture tour in the different regions of Tibet. Tibet Festival Tours is the most authentic Tibet culture tour that can introduce Tibetan new year, Tibetan Yogurt festival, Tibetan wedding festival, Tibetan religious festival, Tibetan Saga Dawa festival, etc.

With Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you can explore the unique and authentic Tibet festival tours and Tibet culture tour as we arrange different kinds of Tibet travel tours plus adding different Tibetan festivals during a different season. We can propose you a different number of days of Tibet culture tour during Shoton festival in Lhasa. Shoton festival has around 500 years of history which was begun in Drepung monastery during the time of the fifth Dalai Lama before he moved his residence to the Potala Palace, The most exciting thing during Shoton festival is the Giant Thangka display in both Drepung and Sera monasteries and playing Tibetan opera.

Tibet Shambhala Adventure also proposes 12-18 days different Tibet festival tours which include Mount Kailash Saga Dawa festival tour, central Tibet culture tour with Saga daw festival and many more different Tibet festival tours with monks musk wear dancing festivals in Samye and Mindroling monastery in the southern part of Tibet.

In July and Aug, we continue our Tibet festival tours with lots of horse and Yak racing festivals. In September, we organize our Tibet culture tour with several different kinds of religious festivals Tashi Lhunpo monastery in Shigatse. In November and December, we continue our Tibet festival tours with more religious festivals of Ganden Ngamchoe, the death anniversary of Tsongka pa, the founder of the Yellow hat school and Buddha’s descent from heaven which makes your Tibet culture tour more authentic and unique.

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A trip can be booked as far as six months in advance. We do not book more than six months ahead because of possibility of huge fluctuations in the international exchange rate.

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On cancellation, depending on time duration before the cancellation of the trip, cancellation charge will be charged. A trip can be postponed only up to 6 months at maximum and no further than that.

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The final payment must be done before the start of the trek. A full payment can be done on the time of booking or as late as after arriving in Kathmandu.

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On the home page of our website, under the section, company profile, all the legal documents are present.

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