Different types of Tibet Tour Packages

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Tibet is recognized “as the roof of the world,” and it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and remarkable destinations for the tourist, traveling from various countries. You can have hundreds of different types of Tibet Tour Packages and traveling to this beautiful and mystery land of snow land can give you an experience of peaceful and relaxing mind, rich culture, smiling people and the most marvellous landscape can give  you the best memory which you can cherish for the rest of the days in your life.

The natural landscape, historical sites, isolated retreats and Buddhist monasteries are some of the major attractions in Tibet. Are you interested in visiting this place? Well, if you are planning to go on a vacation, you can choose a right local Tibetan travel agent who can provide you different kinds of Tibet tour packages according to your travel requirement. Here we have some of the most popular Tibet tour packages below.

Lhasa sightseeing tour

The Lhasa sightseeing tour is one of the most popular Tibet tour packages. You can take 4-6 days Lhasa sightseeing tour or you can just have three days Lhasa sightseeing tour with a combination of other destination in Tibet. Lhasa is a must see place when you travel to Tibet. It is said if you don’t visit Lhasa and the Potala Palace when you travel to Tibet, it is the same thing as if you did visit Tibet so Lhasa is a must see place when you visit Tibet.

When you visit Lhasa, many tourists and travel agents think that you can only do the sightseeing to the cultural sites of Potala Palace, Jokang temple, Drepung and Sera monasteries but are you a hiking lover? Well, the Tibet tour packages offer fantastic short hiking and will take you to the outstanding places of Lhasa such as Drepung monastery to Genpoe Wutse or Drepung Wutse peak day hiking, Pubjo to Pabongka day hiking, Shungseb nunnery day hiking, Daktse county nomad camp day hiking etc. At the same time, you can visit Ganden monastery, agricultural land, traditional villages, trek around the monasteries and can also see the lifestyle of the Tibetan people in your way. Here is the link of Lhasa sightseeing tour. https://shambhala-adventure.com/lhasa-sightseeing-tour-2/

Everest base camp adventure tour

It is one of the well-known Tibet tour packages that offer an amazing view of the mighty, majestic Himalayan Mountain View along with other activities. The journey starts from Lhasa and gradually moves towards the Himalayan Mountain alongside visiting the holy city, palace, world heritage sites and monasteries.

On your way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and Noejin Kangsang mountain glaciers. The conditions of the roads are quite good and help in easy driving. The guides will help you to cover all the things in time and will raise your knowledge with the history and culture of Tibet. You will be provided with best of foods and facilities during your stay. Here is the link of Everest base camp Adventure tour https://shambhala-adventure.com/tibet-travel-everest-base-camp-adventure-tour/.

Tibet classical tour

Tibet classical Tour is one of the richest cultural Tibet tour packages because you are visiting the most popular and famous cultural sites in the central Tibet, beginning the trip in Lhasa which has the most highlight of the Tibetan culture and religion including the Potala Palace, Jokang temple, Bharkor Bazar, Drepung and Sera monasteries.

After visiting Lhasa city, you will continue your Tibet Tour to Tsetang, located to the south of Lhasa at the distance of 160 km and the Yarlung valley, created by the grand Barhmaputra river or known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan. Barhmaputra river starts its source from Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar in the Far Western Tibet. Tsetang is  the cradle of Tibet where it has the first castle of Tibet known as Yumbu Lhakang, the first field of Tibetan people known as Zara, first monastery of Tibet known as Samye monastery and the origins of the Tibetan people know as six monkey off springs from the monkey and mountain ogress.

This Tibet classical tour also discovers the western region of Tibet and travel to Gyantse and Shigatse. Gyantse was a very important town in the olden days to do the trade between India and Tibet and at the present day, Gyantse is one of the biggest counties and the largest farming lands in the Tibet Autonomous Region. You can visit two extremely beautiful sites of Gyantse such as Palchoe monastery and Kubum Pagoda stupa, dates back to the 15th century.

Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet and visti Tashi Lhunpo monastery, the seat of the Penchen Lama and the largest monastery in the Western Tibet. After Shigatse, you will continue the journey along the Barhmaputra river and via beautiful Tibet villages. The people who live in those villages are all farmers and they grow barley, different kinds of green vegetables and potatoes. Tibet classical tour is full of beautiful scenic spots and rich Buddhist culture including lots of relics and sacred statues, old Tibetan traditional buildings, and extraordinary Tibetan painting which have more than thousand years history so it is one of the most richest cultural Tibet tour packages. Here is the link of Tibet classical tour https://shambhala-adventure.com/tibet-classical-tour-tibet-tour/

7 Days Tibet Nepal overland tour from Lhasa

Tibet Nepal overland tour from Lhasa is one of the easiest and best Tibet tour packages and this trip is stared from Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. After visiting the cultural site of Lhasa, you will drive through Gyantse and Shigatse via visiting Palchoe monastery, Kubum Pagoda stupa and Tashi Lhunpo monastery. On the way, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Yamdrok lake, Karola glacier and several high mountain passes of over 5000m above sea level. You will also have a great view of the whole Himalayan mountain range and if the weather is good, you will also get a great view of Mount Everest from a place called old Dingri and Gyatso la pass. At the same time, you will have a fantastic view of Mount Cho Oyu, Shisha Bangma. While you are driving to Nepal Tibet border, after old Dingri you will pass by Pekutso lake which is a beautiful lake before you cross the final pass to Kyirong border which is a newly opened border between Nepal and China Tibet.

Kyirong is a very historical place for Tibetans that in the 11th century, one of the most famous Tibetan Yogi called Mila Repa who was born in Kyirong county and he is said that he achieved enlightenment within his life period. Even today, you can visit the most holy cave of Mila Repa in Kyirong gorge. There are beautiful snow capped mountains, farmers, dense forested gorge, water fall and one of the oldest temples in Kyirong called Jowo temple which was built by the Princess Bhrikuti Devi in the 7th century when she travelled from Nepal to Tibet to marry the 33rd Tibetan king Songtsan Gampo. Here is the link of Tibet Nepal overland tour from Lhasa. https://shambhala-adventure.com/tibet-travel-tibet-nepal-overland-tour/

Mount Everest and Namtso lake Tour

Mount Everest and Namtso lake tour is one of the most popular Tibet tour packages and this tour  can show you a combination of the Tibetan culture and landscape. The most important thing for this tour is that you will see Mount Everest which is the highest mountain in the world. Eventough it is a pretty high elevation in Rongbuk monastery which is just 8km away from Everest base camp, it is very important and interesting to spend a night in Rongbuk monastery because seeing Everest in the sun rise and sun set view is something that you must not miss when you go to Everest.

Namtso lake is another most beautiful part of your journey that Namtso lake is one of the four biggest lakes in Tibet and you will see a beautiful view of Nyenchen Thangla mountain range and Namtso lake in a beautiful blue water colour. It is always recommended to spend a night in Namtso lake instead of doing a day excursion from Lhasa  because it is very beautiful to walk along the shore of the lake in the evening and going around a small hill called Tashido where there are several beautiful and very silent caves that you can also take some meditation in the caves to have a very much relaxation of your body, mind and speech from the busy lives that you used to have . Walking around the caves of Tashido is another extremely beautiful view of the entire Namtso lake and breathing fresh air from the Tibetan high plateau is another moment of joy and happiness. Here is the link of Mount Everest and Namtos lake tour. https://shambhala-adventure.com/everest-base-camp-namtso-lake-tour/

Mount Kailash group tour

Mount Kailash is group tour is also becoming more and more popular nowadays because a solo traveller or a private tour to Mount Kailash is becoming very high price so if you take a mount Kailash group tour, the price of the trip becomes much more lower and at the same time, you can meet your goals to reach the most beautiful and holy Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash group tour is started from Lhasa and clients can come from different parts of the cities such as Chengdu to Lhasa, Beijing to Lhasa, Shanghai to Lhasa, Xining to Lhasa, Xian to Lhasa or Kathmandu to Lhasa and from Lhasa, you will start your spiritual journey towards Mount Kailash which is in the western part of Tibet.

West Tibet which is a home to the premiere pilgrimage site of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar and also has some of Tibet’s most significant art and architecture. The Mount Kailash group tour can give you a chance of vising the most cultural highlight of the central Tibet and the most beautiful landscape of the western Tibet. On the way, you will see beautiful Yamdrok lake, western Tibetan high plateau, lots of snow-capped mountains, beautiful grassland, nomad camp in the middle of nowhere, lots of wild animals,  Brahmaputra river and it’s source, extremely gorgeous lake Mansarovar and the great holy Mount Kailash. The high light of the most spiritual Kailash Kora and the best and closest view of Mount Kailash and it’s north face. To have more details, here is the link of Kailash group tour. https://shambhala-adventure.com/mt-kailash-group-tour/




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