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  1. Whats, Whichs and Wheres of Tibet can best be answered by Tibet Shambhala Adventure. As a travel agent, we have been traveling every corners of the Plateau for more than a decade. We are a team of professionally trained agents centered to promote the Tibet tourism in the best possible way.  We are proud to present the widest range of Tibet travel products with a single click. Please visit: for details.


  1. We are professionally trained in identifying our client’s requirements. Our focus point has always been making our best effort to meet them as requested. The Customer Service Center is 24/7 operational. No matter whether the demands and expectations are high or not, we believe in providing the high end services to our clients thereby meeting what has been expected from us during your Tibet Travel and Tour.


  • We encourage the concept of Responsible Tourism encouraging to minimize the negative social, economic and environmental impacts and primarily aimed to focus on generating greater economic benefits for the local and host community. In Tibet, we are proud to be the pioneer in introducing the concept of Responsible tourism.



  • Tibet Shambhala Adventure is equipped with most recent travel tools and equipment which resulted in helping our clients to have quick access to them whenever in need, making the Tibet travel as convenient as possible. From the first aid kits to oxygen we are glad to have them all in our possession. We are one of the few agents possessing wide varieties of trekking and camping tools to make it a convenient Tibet Tour.


  • We invite travel expert from well-known partnered agency across the globe to provide travel related training to our members thereby enriching our knowledge in travel and tourism. We also conduct our own monthly internal training sessions to update our information on world tourism in general and Tibet tourism in particular.



  • Unlike other travel agent, we have our own tourism vehicle company. From small cars to the luxury coaster bus, the ride with us will never be bumpy during your Tibet Tours and Travels. Our drivers are all skilled, licensed, experienced and well mannered. They are all trained and possessed with most recent and up to date information about Tibet tourism. We are also partnered with the leading vehicle companies in Tibet to make necessary arrangement whenever we need them.


  • We absolutely discourage fraud and forced shopping by enter into agreement with shop owners. It is not in Tibet Shambhala Adventure’s culture to accept commission from shops for income. We strictly follow all the guidelines and protocols of Tibet tourism.


  • We maintain and manage our relationship with our existing and potential customers through various means of communication channels including email, call, Skype, wechat, WhatsApp and other social media tools. We are currently proud to have an excellent and interactive customer relationship management center.


  1. Whether it is an international flight booking, an accommodation booking or making a restaurant reservation, Tibet Shambhala Adventure is always a one stop shop for all your Tibet travel needs thereby making it as convenient as possible for our clients to have quick access to their diverse needs.


  1. Last but not the least, we are a Tibetan-owned adventure Tibet travel company based in Lhasa. Founded in 2000 and is a fully registered and internationally licensed Tibet travel agent company under the administration of the Tibet Tourism Bureau and China National Tourism Bureau


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