Tibet Local Tour: Know All About Its Attractions and The Best Horse Racing Festival in Tibet

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Are you planning for a Tibet local tour this holiday season? Tibet aptly called the rooftop of the world, is one of the most beautiful places where Mother Nature has bestowed its abundance without any reservations. From the enchanting valleys to those snow-covered peaks, all offer a wonderful panorama to stay forever in our lives.

While there are several things to see in this Himalayan Kingdom, the Horse racing festival is one of the attractions that get a lot of footfall to this area, from all over the world. The horse racing festival or festivals are a great attraction in Tibet. Although there are many such smaller festivals happening year around, the Nagchu horse racing festival, Damxung horse racing festival, Gyantse Dhamark horse racing festival in Tibet, which happen in summer is a splendid event to watch and admire.

When you go on a Tibet Local tour in summer,  we would recommend you to take your Tibet tour by connecting some Tibetan traditional festivals. Among them, the horse racing festival in Tibet is one of the most popular and interesting to see because during those horse racing festivals, you can see different kinds of other Tibetan traditional activities such as Yak racing, body wrestling, Tibetan traditional circle dance and many other different kinds of performances going on during the horse racing festivals in the summer time in Tibet so in order to get more authentic experience of your Tibet tour and in order to ensure the travelers learn more about the people and culture therewithin. The horse racing festivals run around the entire Tibet autonomous region and extends to a splendid more than thousand kilometers in the north and south eastern part of Tibet, known as Amdo and Kham in Tibetan. Usually, in all those regions, when they have horse racing festivals, they have between 3-7 days festivals going on by gathering all the people from different villages in beautiful Tibetan traditional clothes.

What makes the festival special is the traditional attire that the Tibetians sport on this occasion. With the horses decorated in festive colors and the riders adorning themselves with special colorful attire, the entire stretch of this horse racing festival is filled with rivalry and joie-de-vivre.

And, combined with it all, the Tibetian valley rejoices in glee and adorns itself with vibrant spring colors to meet up with the joy of the occasion. There are other such festivals too, such as the Tibetan New year, Shoton festival or the Saga Dawa festival, where you can find similar enthusiasm and sporting spirit exhibited by the locals.

Enjoy all this by booking yourself the best local Tibet tour during this holiday season, to take back a bag full of memories to cherish!

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