Tibet Tour: When Should You Visit the Tibetan Plateau?

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Tibet is best known for its enchanting views of the snow-covered peaks and the fascinating treks it has to offer to a traveler. The monasteries and the temples are again places of interest to many visiting the place.

However, there are several serious considerations and preparations that need to be done before one can embark on a trip to this fascinating destination. One of the major considerations is for the weather. With so much snow in place and all those peaks overlooking the plateau, it is no wonder that the country experiences harsh weather most of the year. The season or the peak season for visiting the country, therefore, is limited to a few months of the year.  So, if you are embarking on a Tibet tour, you need to plan well before your travel time.

While ideally, the tourist season starts from April to the middle of November, one can enjoy Tibet from April to middle of November too. Careful preparations and a good tour guide can make them visit possible even during the off-seasons, which might pose a challenge and a lot of adventure to the visitors.

The November to the beginning of January is a very sunny weather and even if it is becoming colder and the winter is already stared. During the day time, is still warm and comfortable weather. January and February is the coldest season and experience severe to very severe snowfall in the higher plateau of Tibet like Mount Kailash and Everest regions and all that it entitles. Since you come with a plan to enjoy the Tibet tour, the ideal seasons to travel would be what the Tour operators call the peak season. During the summer months or the late spring, the place will be all set to receive its visitors. The roads will be free of snow and the lakes that are high up on the mountains will be accessible through the road. And most of all, the Everest base camp would be open to the visitors and permits can be obtained to experience the Tibetan hospitality at large.

Another major factor which influences people to come to Tibet is those famous and colorful festivities during special occasions. There are many festivals that the Tibetans celebrate, either to welcome their new-year or as a special offering to the Goddesses. The offering day at the monasteries and the butter and lamp festivals, all present such a delightful sight to the visitors. The travel agencies and visitors plan their Tibet tours to fall during these festivals to enjoy the delightful sights.

And, peak seasons and permits aside, the planning for a travel to one of the highest locations of the world should be done keeping in view of your interests. Instead of just blindly booking into any tour package offered, look into what all is included in the tour. Are the treks taking you to the places of your interest? Are they going to provide you with the best stays along the way? Are you going to experience the Tibetan hospitality at those quaint little villages? These points make the most interesting lists when you are preparing for a Tibet tour, any time of the year!

After all, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity – make the most of it by planning well ahead of your travel!

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