Tibet travel & Corona Virus

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There is a good news about Tibet travel today after the Corona Virus has been spread. It has been more than twenty days since the Corona Virus been spreading all over China. Tibet was really hoping and trying it’s best not to happen this bad Corona Virus disease in Tibet but sadly, 18 days back, Tibet had to report it’s report of first Corona virus case confirmed. A tourist who came from Hubei province in mainland China where the Corona virus came from and where it has very badly spreading. Tibet has been trying it’s best to control the Corona virus spreading and it has closed all the tourists since Tibet has got this first and last Corona Virus case.

Today, there is a very good news for Tibet that the person who has been effected by Corona Virus has successfully been cured and discharged from number three people’s hospital in Lhasa after 18 days medical treatment. The patient was very happy and thankful to all the members of the number three people’s hospital. The patient went back to Hubei province by train today.

Tibet is a high plateau region in China and most parts of Tibet are at the average elevation of over 3600mts and usually Tibet does not get any kinds of strange disease or virus like this in the history. In the one hand, people believe it is because Tibet is on a very high plateau and Tibet has a very strong sunlight all the time. It is said that many virus has been killed by the strong sun light. In the other hand, people say that Tibet does not get any kinds of strange disease like Corona Virus because Tibetans don’t eat any kinds of strange sea food or wild lives. Instead of eating those animals and insects, Tibetans are very compassionate to them and don’t kill any kinds of wild lives.

The Chinese government has been trying their best to control the virus and recently the Chinese top medical experts recently said on news conference that the Chinese government will control the Virus completely in the end of March and will try their best to bring every thing back to normal in the end of March so it is a very good news for Tibet travel since today, the first and last case of Corona Virus in Tibet has been cured and discharged from the hospital and the Chinese government also says that they are going to try their best to control the Corona Virus in the end of March therefore we are hoping to bring everything back to normal and can start our Tibet travel in the beginning of April.

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