Immerse yourself in Tibet Trip with these Transportation Tips to Enhance Travel Experience

A trip to Tibet isn’t like your average vacation. A visit to the “Roof of the World” is more akin to an adventure; not a summer get-away for the entire family to tag along for. Home to Mt. Everest, Potala Palace, ancient monasteries, wonders of the world and breathtaking vistas, those who opt to travel to Tibet won’t walk away disappointed. It takes a special person to consider such an outing and for those who do, a Tibet tour is guaranteed to enthrall and entertain. Getting here, however, takes planning. You’ll need to book your flight a few weeks in advance and arrange the appropriate visas to ensure timely travel. Once in Tibet, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to getting around. In this article, we’ll describe a few of the transportation options at your disposal and how they can enhance your visit.

Western ways: Those looking for modes of transportation they’re most familiar with will likely stick to buses, jeeps, trains and taxis. There’s likely to be a language barrier so be prepared for speed bumps when using public transportation. Previous study of the exchange rate will pay of here, as well, so you know how much each mode of transportation is likely to cost compared to the other.

Pedal power: The prevalence of bicycles and pedicabs explodes outside of the U.S. Indeed, this mode of transportation is favored for its ease of use, relatively low cost of upkeep and environmentally-friendly nature.  Whether renting a bicycle or hiring a pedicab to take you around, you’ll be able to slow down and appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of downtown Tibetan cities like Lhasa.

Kickstarter: Is there a more exhilarating way to experience your Tibet tour than on a motorcycle? We think not,  thus why it’s advisable to swing a leg over a motorcycle and take to the vast open spaces, mountain regions or the Mt. Everest base camp, sacred spots and more. A motorcycle tour offers a memorable experience that will take you  to desirable landmarks, but use the scenic route to get there. Consider these approximately two-week-long tours to truly immerse yourself in Tibet.

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